Filmy Weddings vs Real Weddings: 9 Things That DON’T Happen!

Filmy Weddings vs Real Weddings: 9 Things That DON’T Happen!
Bollywood has given us unrealistic expectations about way too many things in life – weddings being one among them. Most of the things we see in movies don’t actually happen in real life. Or do they? Well, obviously, we haven’t attended all the weddings on the planet,  but we are going to make some safe assumptions here and conclude that the following things just don’t happen at real weddings!

1. The bride and groom are forced to dance and suddenly they are perfectly coordinated, with friends and family joining in and everyone’s moves are totally synchronized.

1 expectations about weddings

2. At the last minute, the bride ends up marrying her college love instead of the man she was just about to, like it’s no big deal!

2 expectations about weddings

3. Not all real weddings take place in opulent palace-like ballrooms with glass chandeliers; because, budgets.

3 expectations about weddings

4. Last minute dance-off type situations without a minute’s notice or absolutely any practice. Classic Bollywood, no?

4 expectations about weddings

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5. Runaway brides - does this ever happen? Let us know because we think it’s highly unlikely in most cases!

5 expectations about weddings

6. No bride or even guest for that matter will voluntarily get drenched during a wedding just to be dramatic. Do you have *any* idea how much effort it took to get ready? Ain’t nobody got time for rain showers!

6 expectations about weddings

7. Special mention to the time when the  sindoor “accidently” falls into the bride’s maang, indicating who she should *really* marry. #ItHappensOnlyInBollywood

7 expectations about weddings

8. IRL, wedding planners almost never look like Shahid Kapoor in Shaandaar. Totally unfair!

8 expectations about weddings

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9. Also, we can’t be too sure but brides stripping at the mandap (remember that scene from Shaandaar?). That’s a first, even for Bollywood.

9 expectations about weddings

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