10 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Don’t Like Weddings!

10 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Don’t Like Weddings!
If you’re often left wondering when “wedding season” will finally end, we take it you’re no fan of weddings. If you’d much rather not participate in what we can safely call our national pastime, we know what you mean. Oh, and you’re definitely not alone, girl – that we are so sure of!

1. You don’t get why people get so excited to attend random people’s weddings.

Umm, do you even know the couple?

if you hate weddings

2. The thought of dressing up tires you!

Must I wear this heavy anarkali? It’s not MY wedding!

3. You’d much rather skip on the heavy makeup and jewellery too.

I really doubt people are coming there to look at me, Ma!

if you hate weddings

4. You hate the fact that you have to socialise with random people at these weddings.

Yes, aunty...of course I remember you! (NOT.)

5. You just don’t understand why people have week-long wedding functions.

Kaam dhanda nahin hai kya?

if you hate weddings

6. And let’s not even get started on weddings that happen on weekdays.

“Dear boss, I can’t come to work. I have a wedding to attend. Sincerely, your dedicated employee.”

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7. And to think of the money spent just sends shivers down your spine!

What a colossal waste.

if you hate weddings

8. You really have your doubts about whether the couple is actually enjoying their wedding.

They look tired, TBH.

9. You fantasize sometimes about skipping all the drama when it’s your turn.

Court wedding (or something really simple) followed by a lonnngggg honeymoon - sounds like a perfect arrangement!

if you hate weddings

10. And, of course, the thing that you hate the most...

All those people at all those weddings asking, “Beta, tum kab karoge shaadi?”

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