7 Things He Will Do ONLY If He Wants The Relationship To Last!

7 Things He Will Do ONLY If He Wants The Relationship To Last!

A relationship takes effort and I guess this is not the first time you’re hearing that. And no one, be it a man or a woman will put in that effort if they don’t want something to last. But since men aren’t always obvious about their actions or words, here are a few things a man does to make the relationship last! If you’ve got a man who does all of these or even some of these…know that he’s into you!

1. He reminds you how much he loves you, everyday...almost!

Be it a silly text message, a big bear hug or just getting you your favourite chocolate smoothie - a man who loves you and wants the relationship to last will remind you - in actions or words of how much he loves you! And trust us, it’s the best feeling in the world!

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1 things a man does to make the relationship last

2. He trusts you…

…with his eyes closed! He respects you and understands that you won’t do anything to hurt him. He lets you chill with your boys and in fact, hangs out with them too. If a man wants your relationship to last, he will never doubt you.

3. He motivates you to work on your dreams and goals!

Your aspirations are his aspirations too. He would love to be the one who pushes you to chase your dreams. A good partner would want you to grow and learn more, everyday and hence is supportive of all your endeavours!

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3 things a man does to make the relationship last

4. He stands through the thick and thin.

When you’re going a little crazy with PMS, when the office is too hectic or even when you’re just feeling stressed…he’s always there for you and he doesn’t make it feel like an obligation. Being there for you is something he wants to do because of how much he cares for you!

5. He takes out time for you

No matter how busy he is with work, friends, colleagues, studies, parties or life… he never ever treats you like he doesn’t have time for you. He treats you as his priority and ensures you’ve got your due share of his time!

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5 things a man does to make the relationship last

6. He remembers the little things!

When it’s a big day for you at work and he sends you a cheesy pizza even when he can’t be with you or simply sends messages telling you, you’ll be great - that’s when you know you’ve found someone special! A man who wants the relationship to last will definitely do little things to keep you smiling! It’s the little things in life that matter the most, after all!

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7. Lastly, he is proud of having you in his life!

He introduces you to every darn person he sees on the road…gleefully and with utmost happiness because he feels so lucky to have you. He wants you to know what an integral and important part of his life you are and says it to you and to the world… without any hesitation.

7 things a man does to make the relationship last

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If your man does all this and more…then you know for a fact that you’ve got the #BestBoyfriendEver!

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