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The First Time My Boyfriend Stayed The Night With Me… And My Family!

The First Time My Boyfriend Stayed The Night With Me… And My Family!

We were heading out for a party night after a really long time! Nikhil and I had started dating back when we were doing our MBA together. We had been part of the same friend circle and night outs had been a usual thing during our hostel days. Now, we had all graduated and found jobs in different parts of the country.

Nikhil and I had decided to stay in Delhi, with our families. And though my family had a faint idea that Nikhil might be more than just a friend in my life, they had never met him. It was that night when we were heading out with a couple of our old college friends who were in town, that my family met him for the first time. He had come to pick me up and I quickly let them do their ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ before pulling him out of the house.

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However, things got a little messy that night. Nikhil was the designated driver so he wasn’t drinking. And I had also decided to keep my drinking to the bare minimum. Our friends on the other hand, decided to go all out. By the end of the night, we were nursing two drunks who had no cars to get back home. It sounded like a very bad idea for Nikhil to drop them to West Delhi, then drop me in South Delhi before heading to his house in East Delhi. So I asked him to spend the night at my place instead. I shared the room with my sister who knew about Nikhil so it wouldn’t be much of a big deal. My parents understood the situation and told me it was completely okay. So we dropped our friends and headed home.

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It was already pretty late by the time we arrived and my parents had gone to sleep. My sister opened the door for us. In our room, there was one double bed and a mattress spread out by my mother for Nikhil. We chit-chatted with my sister for a while before she yawned and said she was off to bed. Nikhil and I were still sitting on the mattress, laughing about how drunk our friends had gotten, when he wrapped his hands around me. I lay comfortably in his arm, and we talked for a while more. I remember thinking it would be quite an issue if my parents were to find us wrapped up like this tomorrow morning but the mattress, the blanket and Nikhil himself was so comfortable that I quickly fell asleep.

In the morning, my mother woke us up. I was groggy and suddenly realized where I was. “, sorry, I just fell asleep here!” She smiled at me knowingly. “All right, sure, Nikhil is the one who works at the bank, right?” she asked and despite myself, I laughed. I woke Nikhil up and was glad his arms weren’t tightly wrapped around me like last night.

The morning began with a nice breakfast laid out for us, it had more to do with Nikhil being there than the fact that it was Sunday, I guess. My parents had a nice talk with him about life and his plans and after he’d left they subtly approved of my choice.

That was one of the first times Nikhil stayed at my place and also the first time my parents met my boyfriend of two years. We are now planning our wedding in a month and a half.

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