10 Ways To Make Your Bestie Actually Like The Guy You Are Dating!

10 Ways To Make Your Bestie Actually Like The Guy You Are Dating!

You weigh in your best friend’s opinion about a guy even before you admit your feelings to yourself. When you are on a date you’re more worried about what she will think of his puns than anything else! Because, of course, men may come and go, but your best friend will stay beside you through them all. But what happens when your bestie doesn’t totally approve of your boyfriend? Or, they don’t quite see eye to eye? Here are 10 easy-peasy ways to get her to like him? (Your life would get so much easier!)

1. Impress her with the candid photos he takes of you and the amazing food he feeds you!

Present him as the ideal boyfriend to her, someone she is (almost) forced to approve of. That way, she can’t complain about him generally being a part of all your plans. Especially if he is getting momos along, right?

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2. Tell her more about the positives than the negatives.

Your bestie has seen you fall in love, she’s seen you fall out of it and she really doesn’t want you to waste any more time with losers. So if you really care about this guy, make sure that you fill her in on his nice qualities, so that she knows you’re in safe hands. As opposed to just cribbing about how he hasn’t replied to your text!

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3. When you hang out with her, don’t incessantly keep talking about him.

Yes, you’d want to share little details about your love life with her, but don’t just keep on rambling about him the whole time. She shouldn’t feel like he’s your whole life and you don’t even care about what’s up with her. Otherwise, she’d start distancing herself from you and give you the space she’d figure you want. And automatically resent the guy for this.

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4. Ask your boyfriend to involve your bestie in little surprises he plans for you!

It’d make for a sweet gesture that’ll warm her heart to him. Planning things together can really make friends out of strangers. Plus, can you imagine the amazing surprise it’d ensure you get?

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5. Don’t change your plans with her, for him.

Continue to make her feel like the top most priority in your life. Plus, she doesn’t deserve to give up her position in your life for a guy you’ve only just met, right? Right.

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6. Hang out together but don’t act like a typical couple when she’s around.

Your bestie won’t feel too comfortable if this new guy gets all handsy and touchy with you. What’ll be great though is if you three could just hang out together and have a good time like friends. It’ll break the ice and your bestie and your boyfriend will get a chance to know each other better.

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7. Get his nice friends to tag along.

Why don’t his friends and your friends end up meeting together? That way, you’ll all be a big group of friends and there’d be no awkwardness. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about making separate plans or leaving your best friend out. It’s a win-win!

8. Make sure he knows what she means to you.

It’s your job to fill your boyfriend in on the people who mean the world to you. Make sure she’s on this list and that he knows that he has to put in some effort with her. She deserves it.

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9. Don’t make him feel like a loser in comparison to your ex!

Of course you’d draw comparisons between him and your ex, but make sure that while you’re at it, you don’t keep looking at his flaws. Or else, your bestie would be forced to ask you to reconsider things. See, she only wants the best for you but if she gets the feeling that he is just the same as your exes, she’d be far from liking him.

10. Involve them in an activity together.

Forcing them to sit with each other hoping they’ll hit it off is quite awkward. Instead, get them to do something fun. Go for a picnic or bowling or just play a board game at home. As long as it is interactive, you’ll do just fine!

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