How to Take the Perfect Selfie With Anushka Menon

How to Take the Perfect Selfie With Anushka Menon
#Selfie is Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year for 2013. Defined as “ a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” – it beat “twerk” to the top spot. From Kim Kardashian’s rear view selfie to the Pope's goofy smile posing with some Italian kids – the #selfie has totally taken over our digital world.

But how do you take the perfect selfie? Is there a science to its awesomeness? Ace celebrity photographer and self-confessed #selfie addict, Anushka Menon gives us the low-down on this phenomenon. She tells you how to avoid bad lighting, double chins and the dreaded ‘chicken-wing’ arms. Here are her rules to make any selfie rock.

How To Do It Right

Selfie1Never ever take a selfie under direct sunlight. Always stick to a window or a door or an enclosed space with ample lighting and sunlight filtering through it. Direct sunlight can add hard shadows to your face.

Always place the phone / camera at a higher angle. It can make you look thin and it’s most definitely a flattering angle.

Make sure you take a picture with a clean background, most times. The blurry, the crazy and the over dramatic backgrounds tend to make you look a tiny bit weird. The profile photo is often small, so make maximum use of the space.

Find your angle - know your face, it’s contours, your shape. Also know which side of your face works its magic. As for me, it’s the left profile that works wonderfully.

The length at which you are taking the picture from makes a big difference. Take your aim carefully, extend your arm for a fabulous shot.

How To Look Good While Doing It 


A little makeup never hurt anyone. Even if it’s an early morning selfie or an “au naturel” look you’re trying to sport, make sure you apply a little makeup – a bit of lip balm, a tiny swirl of eyeliner or a nice peachy blush. I swear by the Revlon PhotoReady Powder that delivers a soft colour with a luminous air brushed finish!

Smile, make faces or keep the pout. Having one pose in every single photo is a bit boring, so experiment a bit. Always be yourself and when in doubt keep it simple! Take loads of shots - you never know which one works.

How to Keep it Interesting


Always practice a few shots. Take them vertically and horizontally, try different angles to get it right!

Experiment, practice makes perfect, after all. Movement is a good way amp up the interest quotient in your selfie. Choose an interesting background, neon lights and a slow movement often leads to a good shot.

Get a few friends in the shot. There is research that says you look prettier with friends than on your own

Use the right filters on Instagram. I use the vintage retro one with a white border, the Earlybird. It's old school and charming. Filters are the easiest way to make any photo look interesting.

Use good phone camera apps to photoshop the face, add colour and give an even skin tone. Try SnapseedCamera FX and Pudding Camera.