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How To Click The PERFECT Selfie? Top Tips From Your Fav Bloggers

How To Click The PERFECT Selfie? Top Tips From Your Fav Bloggers
Can we all just agree that selfies are the absolute best? A good selfie always brings a smile to your face and a great one can totally make your day. It’s also an excellent way to show yourself some love, appreciation and give yourself an instant ego boost. But a lot of us share a love-hate relationship with selfies, we love taking them but sometimes hate the way they turn out! Especially when we are all dressed up and we know that our makeup is totally on point - but for some reason our selfies just don’t look that great! If you, like us want to master the art of taking a selfie then here are some great tips from the bloggers who hosted the OPPO Selfie Expert session at the POPxoBFF. For fashion bloggers taking selfies is a prerequisite for the job. It’s a great way for them to be able to document their outfits. At the POPxoBFF we were thrilled to hear from Shristi Soumya (Style Fashion Etc), Magali Vaz (, Gopika EM ( and Kavya D Souza (Streak Hue Fall), four stunning bloggers who shared their secret tips on how to take the perfect selfie. The audience was glued to the whole session and at the end of it couldn’t thank the bloggers enough for their precious tips. perfect selfie

1. Lights - Camera - Action

Light is crucial to any image. When you are taking a selfie it’s important to take note of the direction of light. Make sure the light source isn’t directly above your head since it casts harsh shadows. Which is why blogger Shristi Soumya advised people against taking pictures at noon. Instead choose to take pictures in the morning or evening light. So face the light and be ready to take beautiful selfies.

2. Angle it right

While taking a selfie, try and shoot from a higher angle. This will make your face look slimmer and longer - and help avoid the dreaded double chin. It’s also important to know what angle suits your face and place your camera accordingly to get the best selfies. Shristi Soumya gave us the most amazing tip to get a great jaw line - stick the tip of your tongue to the top of your mouth - and voila a chiseled jaw line!

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3. Background story

Magali Vaz talked about how important it was to pay attention to what is happening in the background of a selfie. Sometimes we forget to look at what’s going on right behind us in a picture and this can totally ruin a perfectly good selfie! Gopika EM who is an avid traveller, often takes solo trips and finds that taking selfies is the best way to capture her journey. She suggested using the selfie panorama feature when you want to be able to capture the entire scenery and be a part of the frame as well. These are after all the memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life! perfect selfie

4. Expression on point

A selfie can be used to capture your many moods. So have fun with them! Keep switching up your expressions. Smile, pout, frown or pull a funny face! Magali Vaz explained how she constantly varies her expressions so that her selfies don’t get boring. She also recommended using the Beautify Feature - which helps make every expression beautiful.

5. Selfies with your besties

Kavya D Souza pointed out that selfies are not just about us. We often take group selfies, so while taking selfies with your gang of girls it’s best to use a selfie stick but if that’s not available then place the camera at the top right corner and make sure the person taking the picture is standing in the corner and not the centre. perfect selfie

6. The best selfie phone

Do you know what it takes to click the perfect selfie? A phone with a great selfie camera!! And trust us when we say that the OPPO F1s is the best, it is after all the selfie expert for a reason! Fashion blogger Shristi Soumya swears by it. As an OPPO user, she gushed about the OPPO F1s 16 MP front camera with the Beautify Function and how it gives you gorgeous glowing skin. Now who wouldn’t want that! *This is a sponsored post for OPPO.