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10 Super Cool Ideas For A FUN Day Out With Your Friends!

10 Super Cool Ideas For A FUN Day Out With Your Friends!

Let’s face it, girls. More often than not, both you and your best friends are stuck in the mundane rut of life. The week goes by in just getting to work and back, and the weekend also passes by in the blink of an eye. Hence, a sustained effort is required from both sides to meet and have a great time together. Here are 10 awesome ideas for a fun day out with your friends.

1. Plan a picnic

If the weather is nice outside, step out to a nearby park with your homemade picnic basket. Make sure to carry homemade sandwiches, a flask of coffee, fresh fruits and all of that good stuff. Because just lazing around outdoors can help you guys catch up with each other.

2. Try out something different and exciting

If you are really invested in your fitness regime, are passionate about running or are simply curious - we recommend PUMA’s Lace Lab!

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2 day out with friends

3. Be a tourist in your own city

Even if you have lived in the same city or town for the longest time, chances are you haven’t seen all the sights and sounds the place has to offer. So, plan a fun day out and rediscover your city in a new way!

4. Go out for movies

With new movies coming out every week, we’re sure that there will be some of them flicks that you and your friends are excited to watch on the big screens. So get that big tub of popcorn and forget your worries altogether.

5. Or maybe a food trail

This one will even get the laziest of people excited. How about spending one whole day travelling around town and just checking different places to eat and drink. The only rule is: you gotta keep moving guys!  

6. A cultural expedition

If you love all things artsy but haven’t been able to take time out for watching a play, visiting a museum or an art exhibition, you should totally do that on a fun day out with your favourite girls!

6 day out with friends

7. Go shopping

Now, this is a no-brainer! Shopping with your friends is great fun because theirs is the much-needed second opinion while buying your umpteenth pair of little black dress!

8. Visit the arcades

How about reliving your childhood days all over again by spending a day at the arcade, playing your favourite games? Now, that sure sounds like a day of fun!

9. Volunteer at your favourite charity

An exciting day out could also involve visiting a dog shelter and spend your time playing with and cuddling ’em cute bundle of happiness.

10. Some pampering y’all

Having a hectic schedule inevitably means that you also have very less time to go to the salon and get some facials and mani-pedis together. If you are planning a fun day out with your best buds, this should definitely be on the agenda

10 day out with friends

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