#MyStory: I Had To Choose Between My Work And Love So…

#MyStory: I Had To Choose Between My Work And Love So…

If you are a fan of over-the-top Bollywood movies, then I promise that this is the story for you. Once upon a time, there was a girl and her name was Drishti ( FYI, that’s me). She was born and brought in a family of super ambitious intellectuals. From lawyers to doctors to analysts, her family had them all.

I was raised with strong values and was taught to work hard, chart my own path in life and become financially independent. Girls and boys were treated equally in my family and seriously encouraged to invest a lot of time and energy in building our future. And I did as I was taught. I aced my school exams, NLU entrances and then finally my law exams as well. Thereafter, I went to Netherlands to pursue my L.L.M. I wanted to soar great heights for my family and for myself.

For Kajol in DDLJ, it was the Euro trip, while for me it was Netherlands that changed everything. I could have never guessed that my life would never be the same again. In Amsterdam, I had started seeing this boy from Delhi, Abhinav. Like all filmy love stories, there were beautiful locations, wanderlust, a lot of time spent together in this distant land and then we both fell in love. Of course, then came the plot twist. Abhinav belonged to a hard core business family wherein all the family members worked to promote the family business and for generations, their family hadn’t seen anyone enter the professional field. It was, in fact, strongly discouraged. It would obviously mean that if I were to end up marrying Abhinav, I would have to discontinue my law practice and join his family business instead.

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This is the plot twist in this Bollywood tale of mine. Caught between my family values and love, with an L.L.M. degree in my hand, I had to make a choice. After Abhinav proposed to me, I took a week to analyze the consequences of my choices and come to a rational conclusion. As unfair as that sounds, I was irrevocably and madly in love with him. And this was not some kind of infatuation, in fact, it was real love, something which I had never felt with any of my previous boyfriends. And it was not just love, but a feeling of completeness and all I wanted to do was to spend the rest of my life with him. And no matter what scenario I imagined in my head, every single one had Abhinav in it.

After waging a battle with my family members ( where my law degree didn’t help much), I made them meet Abhinav and his family and assured them that I was making the right choice. They finally agreed. And I promised them that I would be professionally investing myself in their family business and the prospect of a lawyer turned businesswoman would be an interesting plot twist to my life.

Voila, we are getting married next month and I just can’t wait! End credits, special thanks to Karan Johar.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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