#MyStory: I’m Still In Love With A Guy Who Doesn’t Love Me…

#MyStory: I’m Still In Love With A Guy Who Doesn’t Love Me…

Let me start with this confession. I still miss him. I miss our long conversations over the phone, how he made me laugh and how every call of his ended with a proof of his inexplicable good manners - ‘It was nice talking to you’.

You know how some people just come into your life uninformed and leave an indelible mark. You might not meet them every day or talk to them but somewhere at the back of your mind, you are still thinking about that one person. I was so enamoured by him that even when he followed me on Instagram, my happiness knew no bounds.

We were not yet on talking terms, but once I had wished him on his birthday over a direct message on Instagram, and he responded in spite the fact that he was at sea - he was a Captain btw. A quick Google search revealed that it would take him at least four days to get back home. My extensive research had seemingly impressed him because he replied saying, ‘Do you want me to fall for you?’

Internal love him - woman on phone

Soon chats became phone calls and every time that he was away on a cruise, I used to keep counting days so that I could finally talk to him again.  Once I had a stupid bet with him, ‘If I can drink more than you then we will have a date.’ He just saw through my bluff and said, ‘If you want us to go on a date, just say so.’

In a prudish spite I had replied, ‘No, I want to earn my date.’

And that was that really. Because he was sailing so much our calls became lesser and lesser. I came to know that he was getting depressed because of his extended term on the ship so I backed off with the intention of giving him the space to sort things out.

When he came home finally, he got busy meeting his friends and family and he didn’t attempt to get in touch with me. When I told him that I got him a homecoming gift he assured that we would meet really soon and he would make it up to me.

It has been more than a year that he has been in the same city as me and I am still waiting for him to get in touch. We had run into each other for the first time recently and it was quite a hasty encounter. To be honest, I know it is impractical but I am still waiting for that special date.

It has been two years now that I am utterly besotted by him and I refuse to admit it to anyone. Maybe one day I’ll be over him, but right now, the heart wants what it wants and there’s not much that I can do about it.

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