10 Ways To Ask Him ‘What’s Up’ Without Being Boring!

10 Ways To Ask Him ‘What’s Up’ Without Being Boring!

We humans are but creatures of habit. Once a term or a phrase gets stuck in our heads, we do little to get around it or come up with better alternatives. ‘What’s up’ is one such umbrella term - which can be used to break the ice in any informal conversation and even on texts if you want to catch up with someone. However, if you are as bored as us with the this text, here are 10 ways to make the what’s up text interesting.

1. Spark a conversation

The phrase what’s up is quite generic. If you want the conversation to move forward, precede it or follow it up with a question or a statement which suggests interest.

2. Visual aids to the rescue   

Even if you are just sending a ‘what’s up’ message, there needs to be some context to the conversation. If you add a relevant image, video or even a gif, that part is immediately established.

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3. Send a joke

Make it fun, girls. If you send a joke, the person knows that you like putting a smile on their faces and your ‘what’s up’ message is not a mere formality.

3 make the what%E2%80%99s up text interesting - girl looking at phone

4. Or a riddle

If you haven’t been in touch with the person for a bit, how about getting back on track with a fun riddle?

5. Go beyond what’s up

To make a what’s up text more interesting, just add how you have been doing. Like we said, if you want someone to get back to you, then you must give them something worth talking about!

6. Emojis to the rescue

A cute emoji can just perk up a boring ‘what’s up’ message. So, have fun and choose as many as you want from a whole gamut of options.

6 make the what%E2%80%99s up text interesting - beyonce looking at phone

7. Share a link

If you share a mutual interest in the news or a trend you’ve been following - you can send a relevant web link to the person which can immediately start a conversation on an interesting note.

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8. Get naughty

When you’re suddenly missing your boyfriend in the middle of the day, send him a cheeky text to instantly remind him of you. A ‘What’s up? I am just chilling in some lacy underwear’ should do the trick!

9.  Send it as a voice note

A voice note definitely allows you to have more fun and also enunciate whatever you are trying to say better! Best part? It takes even less effort than typing things out!

9 make the what%E2%80%99s up text interesting - anna kendrick

10. One last thing

Let your personality shine. Don’t message something just to appear cool - do whatever comes naturally to you and have a whole lot of fun!

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