13 Cute (But Subtle!) Texts For Your *Almost* Boyfriend!

13 Cute (But Subtle!) Texts For Your *Almost* Boyfriend!
Do you know what it feels like to be in an almost relationship? It has all the excitement of a new relationship but at the same time you’re scared to really speak about your feelings. Now, we don’t know how great this trend of almost relationships is, but we do know we’ve all been there at some point or the other. Here are 13 cute messages you can send to your almost boyfriend which are romantic but also subtle!

1. ‘I am sure you will love this new movie! In fact, we should watch it together!’

For when you are running out of date ideas!

2. ‘I love the T-shirt you’re wearing in your DP!’

Compliments always go a long way! 2 cute messages

3. ‘I was planning to grab a quick lunch. Are you hungry by any chance?’

Who says no to good food, right?

4. ‘I just heard this song on the radio and it reminded me of you!’

An easy way to let him know you’re thinking about him! 4 cute messages

5. ‘It was great seeing you the other day, we should definitely do this again next week!’

Test the waters to see if he wants a second date!

6. ‘Did you do something to your hair? It looks great!’

You’re noticing all the little things no one else is and he will love that! 6 cute messages

7. ‘The party should be fun… But I am more psyched about seeing you!’

Don’t hide the fact that you are happy when you see him, it’s only the truth, right?

8. ‘Your text is the best thing that has happened to me the whole day!’

This will actually put a goofy smile on his face!
8 cute messages

9. ‘I had such a funny dream last night and this is crazy but you were in it!’

Get him thinking about what the dream was so that you’re on his mind too!

10. ‘I was going to text you after day or two but I just can’t wait that long to talk to you!’

Hey, he needs a little attention too! 10 cute messages

11. ‘I have my Netflix on but no one to chill with… You think you can help me with that?’

Add a wink so he truly knows what you mean!

12. ‘Miss me yet?’

Add a little wink so he knows you’re not too serious but still answers in the positive! 12 cute messages

13. ‘I feel so blue… I wish you were here right now…’

This text goes perfect with a sad emoji that will make him want to run to you! GIFs: Giphy