13 Funny Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is In Love!

13 Funny Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is In Love!

Your best friend is in love and and there are various kinds of mixed emotions running inside you! You are happy that she has found love, scared that something might go wrong and sad because now you have to share her with someone else. Apart from of these thoughts going through your head, when your bestfriend is in love, it also means that you are now a lending ear, agony aunt, punching bag, fashion adviser, etc. Here are a few things that always happen when your bestie is falling in love!

1. First, you are super excited about her

As soon as you hear about it, you cannot control your excitement and happiness. You’ve been wanting her to find a guy who will truly love her and now that she has, you can’t help but be super happy for her.

2. Then you stalk him

Once your bestie tells you about him, you cannot stop yourself from stalking him. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - you leave no social media platform unattended to find him and scrutinize all his posts. After all, you want to make sure your bestfriend is going bonkers over the right person.

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3. You have to hear all her lovey-dovey stories

Your bestie is so excited about her love life and relationship that she cannot contain all the cute moments and funny things about her love life. And seeing her so excited and happy, automatically makes you happy.

4. She is always on the phone

It is after all not so easy to be with your best friend that is in love. You both have planned a girls’ night but your bestie cannot get her eyes off her phone. Either she is busy sending him messages or busy chatting with him on the phone! So you just have to sit and wait for her simply because you know she would do it for you too!

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5. You become the official third wheel

Your bestie’s mom doesn’t know about the boyfriend and thus she uses you as an excuse to come out of her house which officially makes you the third wheel. Movie or dinner plans - you are always taken along.

6. There are several awkward moments!

Being with your best friend can be pretty awkward at times when she’s in love. While you’re feeling awkward third wheeling, so is your bestie’s boyfriend. So all those three people dates actually have tons of awkward moments where you have to quietly excuse yourself to give them some alone time.

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7. Sometimes, you don’t get their inside jokes

They are whispering things in each other’s ears and giggling which means there is a joke that you have no idea about. While watching them crack their own jokes makes you feel a little left out, you live with it anyway for your friend. Best friend falling in love is not an easy thing to bear, you see.

8. Then you step in with your jokes

Just to become a part of the conversations, you bring in funny things that only you and bestie know about only to have her roll her eyes at you! FOMO is a thing, right?

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9. You get a little love sick

Seeing your best friend in love and coochie coo around you can be quite a task sometimes, especially when you’re single. You get through it, however, mostly by rolling your eyes and tutting whenever they get too couple-y!

10. And sometimes a bit lonely too

Up until now, you were the only one your bestie had to talk to and meet but now that she is in love, there is somebody else in her life too. This at times makes you lonely but you keep it in because you know your bestie would do the same for you!

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11. You stop liking the guy… a little bit at least!

Because of all the time your bestie is spending with him and the fact that now all her conversations revolve around him, you kind of don’t like him as much as you should. He might be a great guy but he really needs to leave your bestie alone sometimes!

12. You end up giving him silent threats

You are protective of your best friend and have often given him the ‘don’t mess with my bestie’ and ‘break her heart and I’ll break your nose’ threats. He might take them as a joke but you know you’re serious AF!

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13. Only to realize that you are being over dramatic

Then comes the moment of acceptance where you realize that you might actually be overreacting. Your bestie having a guy in her life doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you as much as before. So you accept her guy with open arms because, to be honest, he is the one who has to deal with being the real third wheel!

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