14 Irrational Emotions You ONLY Share With Your Bestie!

14 Irrational Emotions You ONLY Share With Your Bestie!
There are friends and then there is a best friend. Similarly, there are rational emotions and then there are irrational emotions. Rational emotions are those which are normal everyday reactions; they have an explanation - but irrational emotions are those which you can’t explain to the rest of the world and there is only ONE person who is going to understand them - YOUR BESTIE! For your bestie, these irrational emotions might come across as signs of love and affection, but for the rest of the world they probably only come off as weird. So here’s to the best girlfriends in our lives, and the many emotions we experience with them.

1. The constant need to talk to her about EVERYTHING happening around you!

Your conversations with your bestie start from the moment you wake up, and go on until you fall asleep! To be honest, more than half of these conversations are not about anything important - they are either small updates about how your day is going, what you are wearing, what you ate, and most importantly bitching about the people you just can’t stand. :P

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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2. Utter surprise when you don’t know one of their family members!

Has it ever happened that you mention the name of a particular family member and your bestie reacts by saying, “WHO?” Well, your bestie is supposed to know every family member of yours, and if you mention one who she does not know, she is convinced that he/she is not close enough to you - after all, she knows all your cousins, your masis, your chachis and so on..

3. Anger when you don’t get a response to your text/ calls

It’s been around 5 minutes and you haven’t got a response from your bestie - your language on your text message goes from “Hey!” to “HELLO!” Then slowly to “WHERE ARE YOU?” and finally to “FINE! I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU”. Somehow, you just don’t feel right if she doesn’t respond to you instantly.

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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4. That feeling of betrayal...

No, we are not talking about those serious heartbreaking betrayals - we are talking about small betrayals your bestie feels when you do something which does not involve her. For example, if you decide to get healthy and join a gym and do not include your bestie in your plan, or if you plan to start a new diet and your bestie has no clue about it! She needs to be a part of all the changes you go through in your life.

5. Mutual love for everything mischievous!

You might find one thing really, really funny and nobody else around you finds it even remotely hilarious - that is when you know that nobody else in this world can share the same emotions with you, other than your bestie!

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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6. Incessant questions/ doubts about her love life...

The first reaction when you hear about your bestie’s ex is almost similar to the reaction when you hear about your boyfriend’s ex - it is actually just the same! Also, sometimes, you get mad with her when she talks about her ex, even if she swears that she is just “friends” with him  - but only because you can’t forgive him, even if she has. And not to forget, you almost become like a protective parent when you hear about your bestie’s potential boyfriends!

7. The urge to be weird...

With your bestie, you can be completely weird. You can be the 100 percent free fool you want to be, while listening to a weird song and dancing in a crazy manner! And rather than judging you, your bestie will join you in your dance and weird moods.

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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8. The need to share crazy screenshots… All the time!

“OH MY GOD! I need to share this with her!” Whether it is some new dress you just found on Instagram or a cute message from the guy you have been crushing on - you don’t wait to meet her to show her what you’ve just seen. You just take a screenshot and send it to her ASAP!

9. Irrational jealousy!


irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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10. The gut instinct...

Since you both share such a special bond, you always have gut instincts about each other’s lives - and you mostly just know when something is wrong without her even admitting it. You get worried when she doesn’t tell you what’s wrong - and then you begin to wonder if something really big has happened. That’s the only reason she could be taking time to open up to you!

11. The desire to correct her about her own history!

After all, you are her bestie for a reason, you both know EVERYTHING about each other - and that is why you can even correct her about the details of her own life! From approximately how many months back she broke up, to a particular thing that happened in school - you are her backup hard drive for her own memory. You give competition to her Facebook timeline. :D

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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12. Guilt...

Sometimes, you might end up feeling guilty for relying on your bestie for most things in your life, and not being able to thank her for it. But trust us, your bestie doesn’t need a thank you - she will always continue doing what she has to for you. She knows that with greater power, comes greater responsibility - and she is happy to be relied on by you!

13. The blame game, oops

It’s very easy to blame your bestie when there is something wrong happening in your life - even if she is not a part of what is going wrong! You only do it because it somehow makes it easier for you to cope and deal with the situation. And she understands that! She lets you speak your heart out and even fight with her when you’re in a bad mood. She’d rather that you took it out on her, than on some random person! After all, if she doesn’t play the role of a punching bag when you really need it, who will?!

irrational emotions we experience with our bestie

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14. Unconditional, crazy love!

You can’t begin to imagine your life without your bestie. You both have been through so many things together and have such fond memories. You know that no matter how many of those 30 second “we’re not going to be friends anymore” fights you have, the both of you will always be there for each other!

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