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13 Naughty ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions To Know Your Guy Better

13 Naughty ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions To Know Your Guy Better

Girls, isn’t ‘Never have I ever’ one of our most favourite party games ever? This one is a classic where people have spent hours and hours entertaining themselves!  While it’s great when you’re playing it with strangers because you can uncover their dark secrets, imagine how much fun it will be when you play it with bae. Not only will it bring the two of you closer, but it is also a fun way to reveal your secrets. So, here are a few never have I ever questions you can totally ask your boyfriend.

1. ‘Never have I ever watched porn without you knowing’

If it’s a no then it’s probably a lie.

never have i ever questions 1 girl sigh

2. ‘Never have I ever gone on a Tinder date’

Come on, we all have been there done that at one point of time

3.’Never have I ever gone skinny dipping in my life’

If you haven’t then you should *wink*.

4. ‘Never have I ever lied to you about being busy because I wanted to go drinking with my friends’

Ah! It’s okay if you have.

5. ‘Never have I ever...faked an orgasm’

Damn, son! You do you.

never have i ever questions 5 girl surprised

6. ‘Never have I ever stripped for anyone’

Take the hint, please?

7. ‘Never have I ever wanted to use a sex toy’

I hope you’re taking the hints!

8. ‘Never have I ever pretended to like someone for sex’

Now, this will make for an interesting story.

9. ‘Never have I ever clicked a nude selfie’

Let’s take one now, please?

never have i ever questions 9 boy wink

10. ‘Never have I ever farted and blamed it on someone else’

Haha, we hope the guy was fine.

11. ‘Never have I ever checked out another girl in the presence of my girlfriend’

We all have, okay?

12. ‘Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex’

Deets? Deets? Deets?

13. ‘Never have I ever drunk dialled an ex’

You’re drinking to this one, aren't you?

never have i ever questions 13 man disgusted

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