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21 Fun ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions For The Next *Game* Night!

Phalasha Nagpal

Guest Contributor

Got a party coming up and bored of the usual drinking and dancing regime? We have a super fun-filled solution for you! Here is a list of 21 ‘Never have I ever’ questions to make the next party exciting and thrilling. What’re you waiting for? Get playing already!

1. ‘Never have I ever… Made out in an elevator’

Ahem ahem…!

1 never have i ever questions

2. ‘Never have I ever... Gone on a Tinder date.’

Admit it already!

3. ‘Never have I ever... Broken something at someone’s house and didn’t tell them.’

All the sneaky ones, raise your glass up!

4. ‘Never have I ever... Tried to cut my own hair.’

You could have secret hairdresser skills… Who knows?

4 never have i ever questions

5. ‘Never have I ever... Made a drunk call/text to an ex/ crush.’

You don’t quite remember but you probably have!

6. ‘Never have I ever... Had a crush on a man much older than myself.’

If he is hot, then why not?

7. ‘Never have I ever... Worn the same undergarments two days in a row.’

Come one, most of us have done, that haven’t we? Dirty you!

8. ‘Never have I ever... Said “I love you” without feeling it.’

*Awkward stares*

8 never have i ever questions

9. ‘Never have I ever… Kissed someone of the same sex.’

I kissed a girl and I liked it…. (plays in the background)

10. ‘Never have I ever... Sneaked into someone’s wedding, without being invited.’

Gate crashers ALERT!

11. ‘Never have I ever... Lied in this game.’

Anyone? Anyone?

12. ‘Never have I ever… Been attracted to someone who is taken/engaged.’

Come on, the heart wants what the heart wants. But Ranveer Singh doesn’t count!

12 never have i ever questions

13. ‘Never have I ever... Had to clear my internet history because it had some objectionable stuff.’

Shhhh…That was supposed to be a secret!

14. ‘Never have I ever... Caught someone red-handed while they were hooking up.’


15. ‘Never have I ever... Indulged in role play’

Let all the dirty secrets out!

16. ‘Never have I ever... Flirted with someone to get myself out of a situation.’

You: ‘Officer Handsome, was I over speeding?’

16 never have i ever questions

Officer: ‘It is Hansen by the way.’

*Wink wink*

17. ‘Never have I ever... Gone to work drunk/ intoxicated.’

Even if it was JUST one time, you gotta drink up!

18. ‘Never have I ever... Watched porn.’

You sneaky little liar!

19. ‘Never have I ever... Picked someone up at a bar.’

All those who have game, it is time to drink up now!

20. ‘Never have I ever... Performed a strip tease for someone.’

We all have stories, we’ll never share unless it is a game of never have I everI…

20 never have i ever questions

21. ‘Never have I ever... Shared a wrong cell phone number as my own.’

Desperate times, desperate measures…!

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Published on May 10, 2017
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