The Most Fun Bachelorette Party Games EVER!

The Most Fun Bachelorette Party Games EVER!

Now that one of your own has bought a ticket for the rollercoaster ride that is marriage, why not take the bachelorette party as an opportunity to turn it into a full blown amusement park of sorts. The excitement, the adrenaline rush, the constant giggles and the moments to be created with your friends just like back in school. Only the games you play at a bachelorette are even unheard of as a kid, but better late than never right? So here’s our list of bachelorette party games you must play!

1. Never Have I Ever

This game is a classic among friends. Get those dirty secrets out now. So here’s how it goes, one person says “Never have I ever...” and those who have done the deed in question take a shot. You will be surprised as to who has done what! By the end of it you’ll be questioning the knowledge about your own friends. And what is bachelorette party without gossip! ;)

2. Pre Drink + Bar

Pre-drinking and then going to bar or a club is a bachelorette game with many hidden games inside it. By the end of it you would have played games unique to your group that you might or might not regret in the morning, games you have never heard about. You’ll lose the count and the memory loss next day with the added hangover will be a measure of how much fun you had.

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3. Party On The Wheels

Yes! Hiring a limo can be tacky and taxing too but when else in life will you have the opportunity to do this?? It’s certainly the most goofy and eye-catching way of letting the world know that this is a bachelorette party because how many times do you see a limousine whizzing through roads in India? And you can play ‘never have I ever’, ‘pre drink’ and sing your hearts out while stretching in the limo on the way to the club. We know that you want a bachelorette inside a limo, so just do it.

4. Musical Musings

Not necessarily everyone has to step out or get drunk at a bachelorette party. Staying home can be as much fun. So put on those pyjamas you all bought in bulk from Forever 21, order in your favourite food, set up the karaoke set and sing your heart out. You can have some props like fur boas, neon sticks, stickers and hula hoops around to make it even crazier. What are best friends for if they can’t let their friends’ voices bleed their ears to death! Oh, and don’t forget to update your SnapChat story through this. 4- bachelorette party games

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