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#MyStory: I Swiped Right But It Went Wrong…

#MyStory: I Swiped Right But It Went Wrong…

After breaking up with my boyfriend and having stayed single for long, I decided I needed to battle my trust issues and get back in the dating game. I was so tired of people approaching me even when I didn’t have feelings for them. And all those rishta meetings and everyone else who made this break up difficult for me to forget. But after a while, I decided it was time to let go and move on. I downloaded a dating app and uploaded my picture.

Within a day I got super liked… excited about this I also swiped right to a few profiles which I found good and got a few responses in my inbox. A cute guy in his 30s started chatting and wanted to meet me right away as he couldn’t believe how can a girl like me is still single. He told me I am really beautiful and he’s excited to get to know me. We stayed in two corners of the city but the distance didn’t seem to dim his excitement to meet me.

So we decided, we will meet at a convenient place, somewhere at a midpoint where we could hang out for a while. I agreed and took a metro from my place and when I was halfway through, I got call from him saying he is stuck in traffic and will take more than an hour to reach. So he asked me if I could meet him near his place in the mall. This meant I had to travel more. I felt something fishy… so texted him that it will take me a while to get there as well because there was a snag in the Metro, and asked him if we could cancel the plan.

He texted back saying he didn’t want to cancel the plan and though late, he will come to the spot we’d decided to meet earlier. Believing him, I boarded the train and was about to reach when he told me he’d reached the mall and the restaurant near his place and also booked me a cab from the metro station. Confused or rather with no option, I decided to board the cab. He called me throughout to ensure where I reached and asked me if he can order something for me as I must be hungry.

I finally reached, met him and he did look like the cute boy I’d swiped right for! It just felt worth taking all the trouble. He had already reserved table and taken the liberty to order as I just sat. We hit it off well and had a great time but then he asked me if we should split the bill. I was taken aback as I didn’t pick the place! But maintaining decency, I told him i’ll pay my share later as I wasn’t carrying enough cash. He asked me to go restaurant hopping and later chill at his place. I told him it was late and I needed to go. But because he insisted and I was having a good time, I agreed. He promised to book me a cab and will drop me back if it gets too late. At his place, we sat in his balcony and sipped on some more wine and then he started then he started teasing me. It was all good and felt right only til he told me I had to leave.

I decided I will stay the night at his place, but he insisted that I leave right away and booked a cab for me, saying he will pay for it. I got into the cab… scared, feeling guilty of trusting a stranger but he assured he’ll stay on the call with me till I reached.

Internal my date turned out to be a disaster

Neither did he call, nor did he pay! When I reached, the driver asked me to pay in cash and told me he didn’t have any other way to complete the transaction. When I called him asking him why he didn’t pre-pay, he brushed me off arrogantly saying I owed him money for the ‘dinner and drinks’. I was furious and I told him it was unfair and hung up. Here I was, at 11.30 in the night in front of my place with a cab driver, my landlord furious at me for coming in so late and the good date I had swiped right for going horribly wrong! My date turned out to be a disaster and I never expected it!

Ultimately, I started fighting with him and told him that I will file a complaint if he harasses me any further. That’s when he told me to convince the cabbie to let him get the payment later. Too much for an unplanned date or falling for the wrong person or ignoring cues or gut feelings that something is not right. This is how I learnt that you shouldn’t ignore your gut feeling.

Next morning, I find out that he had blocked me on the app. And I am so happy he did, because I would have if he hadn’t. I wanted to put an end to the chapter. I have tried dating apps after that & met people who are much better, who know the meaning of mutual respect and safety of a lady.

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