15 Adorable Wedding Surprise Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend's Wedding!

15 Adorable Wedding Surprise Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend's Wedding!

Weddings are super fun occasions for everybody. The dance, the colours, constant chatter, and everything else about them is so beautiful. But, this already exciting event becomes even more amazing when it is your bestie’s wedding. You have so many things to do - shopping, preparations, beauty salon appointments and what not!

And you know what you should do first? Take some time out from this jam-packed schedule and surprise your bestie before her wedding. But if you are confused about what surprise would be the best for your bestie, then don’t worry as we are here to help you with some adorable wedding surprise gift ideas for your BFF!

Ideas To Surprise Your Bestie On Her Wedding

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Your BFF

How To Surprise Your Best Friend On Her Wedding   

Here are some amazing Indian wedding surprise ideas from friends for the lucky bride-to-be. Be the best bridesmaid and make your bestie feel special.

1. Throw Her a Rocking Bachelorette Party

When it comes to wedding surprise from friends, there could possibly be nothing better than a bachelorette party, so make her bachelorette a night to remember! Play some naughty games, invite a stripper maybe, and do stuff that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of doing at a bachelorette party.

1-surprise your bestie before her wedding-party

2. Give Her a Basket Full Of Her Favourite Goodies

Think of everything that she has told you about herself ever since you’ve known her. Pick up her favourite stuff, put in some notes or messages in bottles, and put them all together in a cutesy basket, and tadaaa! Your awesome blossom pre-wedding gift to your best bud is ready.

3. Make a Picture Wall Hanging For Her New Home

She might well up a bit because of this, but giving her framed pictures of her loved ones is something she can look at every day after her wedding. This way you manage to surprise her and give her something that makes her feel closer to all her people whom she will be leaving behind once she gets married.

4. Gift Her Something Creative To Remember You By

Use your imagination, and make something for her. You know her best and are aware of what she likes. Give her something that she can remember you by. She will get all kinds of gifts at her wedding, but a pre-wedding surprise like this is something that will make her feel so special! Trust us, this could be the best surprise for bride from friends!

4-surprise your bestie before her wedding-surprised girl

5. Make a Video Recording Of Her Friends And Fam Telling Her How Much They Will miss Her

It’s cliche, yes, but it’s also very adorable at the same time, which makes it on our list of surprises for bride to be. Record all the people who are close to her, ask them to talk about her qualities, her antics and basically everything nice about her. It will be THE best thing you could do for her before she gets hitched.

6. Take An All-Girls Trip With Her Before The Big Day

We know you will be busy with planning and everything, but just a day or two works too! Take a small all-girls trip to someplace nice. The idea is to help her relax and regain her calm before she gets lost in the wedding madness.

7. Send Her Letters Telling Her What She Means To You (Yes, Legit Letters!)

This one is our favourite. WhatsApp messages are quick but they usually get lost in the plethora of messages we receive every day. So, instead of telling her what she means to you via texts or word of mouth, just send her old school letters. Even if you live next door to her, just do it and see her pretty face beaming with happiness when she receives them.

7-surprise your bestie before her wedding-letters

8. Help Her Keep Calm By Joining Some Yoga Or Dance Classes With Her

Of all the things to do for your best friend’s wedding, this one is probably the most profitable, for it has two more benefits. One, you get to spend some amazing quality time together. And two, you both stay fit before the big day. So, yay!

9. Take Her Out For a Day At The Spa

Yes, yes, please! The amount of stress your poor little girlie is going through is immense. She really needs a day to just chill, lay back and enjoy a soothing massage. Not to mention, this will help keep her glowing for the fast-approaching big day.

10. Chat About (And Maybe Make Fun Of) Her Past Crushes With Her

If you’re best friends, there is no way you don’t know about each other’s silly crushes. Just sit with her one night and go down memory lane. Laugh a lot, maybe shed a few tears too, just do everything you have always been doing, for one last time before she moves on to her new life.

10-surprise your bestie before her marriage-gossiping girls

11. Decorate Her Room And Make Her Feel like a Princess  

Decorate the room for the bride-to-be and make her feel like a princess. Go all white and pink with balloons, flowers, and all her favourite chocolates, spread it all around in her room with little sticky notes that have a small yet meaningful message written on it by you, let her be the princess for that day.

12. Sponsor Her Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Pre-wedding photo shoots are a rage right now. Each and every person loves to get their pre-wedding photoshoot done. So, it is your chance to make your best friend’s wish come true. Hire an experienced photographer, plan a theme and surprise your bestie. You can even involve your best friend’s husband into planning all this to make your bestie feel even more specialwe

13. A Hamper From Her Fav Brands


You know that your BFF is probably spending buckets on her wedding jewellery and outfits, so why not make things a little easier and gift her something from all her favourite brands? Be it clothes, accessories, makeup, or shoes, pool in some money and gift her a luxe basket that she’ll be forever grateful for! This one is definitely one of our favourites from wedding surprise ideas from friends!

14. Throw Her A Bridal Shower

Yes, you read it right. Of all the things you could do for your BFF before her wedding, a bridal shower is definitely something you could consider. Gather her entire tribe for a whole day, and plan a list of events for the day! We’re talking mani-pedi sessions, face spas, massages, and ending it with some amazing snacks.

15. Shoot A Bride Tribe Music Video

Almost every girl dreams about starring in her own music video, so why not make this dream come true for her? Pick her favourite track and help her shoot an all-glam music video! Trust us, of all the surprises you could plan for bride to be, this one is probably the best!

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Your BFF

Bachelorette Party

Any list talking about wedding surprise ideas from friends is incomplete without discussing some bachelorette party ideas, so here are some cool tips to get you started!

1. Theme It On Her Favourite Movie/ TV Series

The best thing about bachelorette parties is that no idea is too ridiculous. So why not theme her bachelorette around a movie/TV series that she absolutely loves? We’re talking themed props, costumes, and goodies. Your BFF is bound to love it!

2. Organise A Fashion Show!

You know how us girls love to flaunt our unique sense of style, so why not plan a fashion show on your BFF’s bachelorette? So raid your closets of all the cute and sexy outfits you own, and then rock that ramp!

3. Get Creative

If you’ve planned a whole bachelorette weekend for your BFF, then you can definitely give this one a shot. Why not get some creative juices flowing and organise a painting session on a blank canvas? There is no guessing what you can come up with once you’ve got a few glasses of wine to get everything started!

4. Organise A Camping Expedition

If your BFF likes to stay out of the doors, then you can definitely plan a camping trip for her bachelorette. We’re talking camps, marshmallows, bonfires, music, and a whole lot of singing. What’s not to like?

5. Staycay Your Vacay

We all know that weddings can be pretty stressful for the bride. What with juggling all the preparations, and whatnot! So gift your BFF a fuss-free bachelorette by booking a getaway place for her. Give her some space to breathe and then get her set for the party!

So, these were some of the best wedding surprise ideas from friends. Go ahead and make your best friend’s big day even more special.

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