#MyStory: I Had A Fight With Him… But It Made Us Stronger!

#MyStory: I Had A Fight With Him… But It Made Us Stronger!

It was my best friend’s wedding in Delhi. However, more than the wedding, I was excited about spending two days with my boyfriend. Living in separate cities and being journalists with tight office schedules, we were meeting after months.

He kept looking at me lovingly as put on a summery turquoise coloured outfit and his favourite jhumkas. He had agreed to accompany me to the venue as it was too far and he did not want me to go alone. After more than a year and a half of dating each other, we both realized that we can’t live without each other.

Everything was going well; we were enjoying every bit of the wedding when suddenly he lost his temper. He got a bit possessive seeing me standing at the table where a few male guests were having liquor. He angrily told me to leave with him immediately. Sensing the situation and that an argument might escalate the matter, I kept quiet, hurriedly ate food with him till the cab came and then we left.

The entire way back home, I stuck my eyes to the screen of my phone trying not to cry. This angered him further but he did not say a word. As we reached home, we tried to converse and understand what went wrong but things did not work out. The argument escalated and I left his room crying. I knew he loved me a lot but in the heat of moment he said some things which should not have been said. I kept crying in the other room and decided to leave as soon as the sun rose. It was night and I had no option but to stay back despite the ugly fight we had.

Internal fight strengthened our relationship

It was too hot and I could feel my tears mixing with sweat on my face. Eyes swollen, I tried sleeping but failed. I tried to stop crying, but the flashbacks of what had happened just did not let me sleep. I decided to go to the kitchen and get some water. I caught his glimpse from the kitchen as he lay on his bed, I wasn’t able to control myself and went near his bed. I knew that things could have been worse had he still been angry, but I went and ruffled his hair.

What happened next gave me goose bumps. He got up and told me to sit on his bed. Still shaken by his outburst a few hours back, I was trembling and refused. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I surrendered and he kissed my tears. Kissing my cheeks, ears, eyes, lips and forehead, he held me in his arms and I cried my heart out. We realized that it was a bad moment and we had fought over something that wasn’t such a big deal.

Next evening we met in a mall and he was desperate to make up for last night. I had told him that I had forgiven him but he knew that I was hurt. He took me to a restaurant and ordered biryani. That dish held a special place in our relationship as we had ordered biryani on our first date. He tried to make me smile and I did. He held my hands and apologized. He calls me his ‘Queen Elizabeth’.

One point where we differ is that he loves shopping, buying clothes and on the contrary I have never been a shopping fan. He forcibly took me to a showroom and selected a black kurta for me. He loves how the colour black looks on me. I told him that I don’t need it but he did not listen to me and dragged me to the try-room. That night was special… We laughed, hugged and pampered each other. After some snacks at his favourite South Indian outlet, we had vanilla softy (my favourite) for dessert.

My eyes were brimming with tears again, but this time they were happy tears because I felt everything was back on track again. Next morning, I had to catch the train to go back home. He hugged me tight and kept apologizing for the way he had behaved that night… I told him not to. In fact, the fight strengthened our relationship further. My head was on his shoulder, we kept walking, talking and I knew that no fight could break us.

No love story is perfect or complete without fights. It was in the very beginning of our relationship that we had decided to stick to one golden rule - one of us would keep quiet when the other person is too angry. And I think finding that balance has worked for us!

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