#MyStory: A Trip With *Him* Brought Out The Wild Side In Me

#MyStory: A Trip With *Him* Brought Out The Wild Side In Me

I was just casually roaming around my hostel on Sunday morning when I downloaded a dating app just for the fun of it all. I signed up through Facebook and went ahead and swapped, switched between two or three guys before I got bored and uninstalled it.

A few days later, a guy named Kabir texted me on Facebook and said, ‘Hi, I buzzed you on the dating app’ to which I replied, ‘Sowie, I'm not on it any longer!’

Meanwhile, I saw his profile… He was a traveller, rider, adventurer and many things and lived in Jaipur as well. His photographs were full of photos of him travelling to scenic locations and photos of his bike. I didn’t have a friend like him and thought what’s the harm in making one? So messaged again, ’You've an impressive profile.’ From there, our conversation started… He was 24, engineering drop out to follow his passion and this is how we became new friends. We became kinda close and I invited him to my birthday party. He couldn’t make it to that because he was busy.

But the next morning, he called me and enquired, ‘Where are you?’ ‘Of course in the hostel, sleeping!’ I replied. He was passing by my college while on his way to see the sunrise at the Nahargarh fort and asked me if I’d like to join. I was looking like sh*t after the party last night, but still decided to put on a jacket and go meet him.

Internal most adventurous trip with him

When we reached there, the sun was rising from the blanket of clouds and it was all too mesmerizing! We sat there for a while, talked about interesting ideas and then he dropped me to the college. And my conclusion was that he was just absolutely perfect and it felt like someone had filled colour into my faded life.

I always had an adventurous streak but never met anyone who could try those adventurous with me. And after getting him, it seemed like everything will come true. I was going home for Diwali and instead of going home in the train, he suggested we go to Kota via road on his bike and then catch the same train from there and reach home. I thought about it for a while, then smiled and replied,’Cool.’ We drove to Kota. It was so amazing that I cannot explain in words. But when I reached, the train had already left. I called home and made and excuse to catch the next train and said goodbye to him.

While I was at home, he informed me that his biker group is going to Sambhar lake for a one night trip. I tagged along and finally, the day came! He picked me up from the station, left my heavy bag at his place and took what was required. When we reached the meeting point where the whole group had gathered. I was kinda upset and felt a lil’ awkward to find that I was the only girl apart from another one in the entire group. After reaching the destination, I felt like everything was perfect. The view, the people I chilled with and all the awkwardness had gone. I felt really great to be with him in the moment.

We had fun all night and then in morning after sunrise we were all ready to return to our lives. Really, it was the most adventurous trip with him and those days were the best days of my life and will be forever. Because of him, I realized that I was only breathing, life is about exploring it and living on the edge!

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