10 ‘Texting Rules’ Every Girl Needs To Break… NOW!

10 ‘Texting Rules’ Every Girl Needs To Break… NOW!
When you start texting that someone special, there’s obviously an expectation of him replying… without keeping you waiting for too long. Somehow, we’ve formed some unsaid texting rules - be it initiating a conversation or just, generally about the time that you should take to reply. Well, here are some texting rules you need to break, right away!

1. Don’t text first

Why not? If you like him - there’s nothing wrong in expressing that. In fact, if there is an attraction that makes you want to take the next step… Sure, go ahead and send him an easy ‘Hi!’ first. There are no definite rules about this! 1 texting rules

2. Don’t reply immediately

If you’re online and you see he’s texted you back (even though he took his own sweet time to reply), there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t reply, if you can! If you’re confident that he isn’t taking you for granted, you don’t need to indulge in mind games.

3. Double texting isn’t cool

You can text about how you’re craving pizza and what happened in college - one after the other, without waiting for a reply. You really don’t need to plan it so much. It’s okay to have multiple thoughts and share them - it’s only human! 3 texting rules

4. You shouldn’t expect a reply

Unless you’re texting him in the wee hours of the night, there is no reason why, if both of you are in a conversation, he shouldn’t reply to your messages. It’s normal to complete a conversation and expect him to reply within a decent amount of time.

5. You should turn on your read receipts

Just because your boyfriend or your ‘almost-boyfriend’ wants to keep track of whether or not you’ve read his messages, you don’t have to oblige to this request. It has to be completely your choice whether you want to keep the option switched on. 5 texting rules

6. Don’t be sarcastic

You can totally pull his leg and tease him via texts! If you have a funny bone, go ahead and use it like you would on any of your other friends. All you need to do is, use the right punctuations and emoticons so that he understands your tone - but of course you can be funny and sarcastic!

7. Don’t reply with emojis

Maybe, you could hold off on sending sex-related emojis till you take your relationship to the next level. But go ahead and use the cutesy ones. There’s no reason he shouldn’t get a text from you with that angel face! *Wink*
7 texting rules

8. You should be a grammar nazi

Sometimes, if he screws up, let it go! Especially with the autocorrect mishaps. If you’re getting to know a person...you shouldn’t judge them immediately! Also, grammar is an acquired skill, isn’t it?

9. You shouldn’t initiate the sexting

Sexting is a personal choice. Taking a while to analyze the situation might be fine, but if you’re sure of what you’re into, go ahead! 9 texting rules

10. You can use as much slang as you like

No, you don’t want to text him saying, ‘Hey, Sup, Howz Lyf?’ No matter what your status with the guy is, using too much texting slang can be a major put-off. Type complete sentences, girls. GIFs: Giphy