What Is ‘Tease Texting’? Here Are 10 Reasons To Try It NOW!

What Is ‘Tease Texting’? Here Are 10 Reasons To Try It NOW!
‘Tease Texting’ is the art of dirty talking through texts. But it's not sexting - it's more like the foreplay of sexting. You could be doing this with a potential boyfriend or your long-term boyfriend. There is something about these dirty texts that gets everyone interested! If you aren’t already in on it, here are 10 reasons why you need to try tease texting because this one is a bandwagon worth being on!

1. It helps you learn more about your partner

Forget the boring questions, here is a new way you can learn more about your partner! It’s anyway tough to ask your boyfriend about sex and all his naughty thoughts, this just makes it a tad bit easier!

2. It works wonders for LDR couples

If you are in a long distance relationship or are thinking about getting into one then tease texting is your ticket to happiness! This is how LDR couples can be close not just emotionally but also sexually. 2 tease texting

3. It’s instant excitement!

How great is it to receive a message from your S.O. asking about what you’re wearing to bed tonight? Makes your heart skip a beat, doesn’t it? Text messages that are teasing in nature bring an instant spark back into your relationship.

4. It’s a great way to de-stress

After a hard day at work, all you crave is a little attention and some love. Here is one way you can get it in the comfort of your bed, leaving you much more relaxed than before. 4 tease texting

5. It allows you to explore your fantasies

Sexual fantasies are still a taboo for most of us. We are shy about them and hide them. However, here is how you can explore your fantasies in a much more subtle way. You can create situations that you and your partner will find desirable and see how you feel about them. Basically, test the waters before you actually dive in.

6. It makes flirting much hotter

The plain simple ‘How you doin’?’ flirting is so passe! Tease texting is how you can flirt in a much hotter way. For obvious reasons, your partner will know about your interest and how far you’re ready to go for it. *Wink* 6 tease texting

7. It’s perfect for shy couples!

If the two of you haven’t been able to open up to each other yet, especially about the sexual stuff, then this is exactly what you need! Here are some lines to get you started!

8. It boosts your ego the right amount

And some days that’s really what we’re looking for, isn’t it? Don’t worry, an ego boost isn’t the negative thing you think it to be. When taken in right doses, it can work wonders for your personality! 8 tease texting

9. It’s super hot!

That’s a given but hey, we couldn’t not let the obvious be known! Tease texting is just super duper out-of-this-world HOT!

10. And it’s only just the beginning!

It’s the foreplay to the foreplay so you know there are only good things in store from here on! 10 tease texting Go ahead, girls, give it a shot! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr