What Happened When He Asked Me To Meet Him On The Terrace...

What Happened When He Asked Me To Meet Him On The Terrace...
I met him at a friend’s birthday party and we instantly clicked. I gave him my number that night, but I never heard from him after. Questions like, ‘Did he lose my number’?, ‘Was he not interested’?, ‘Did he not enjoy my company’? kept running through my mind. It took me a couple of weeks to get over it.

I wanted to even add him on FB, but I didn’t want to come off as ‘stalkerish’ so I decided to get on with my life. Go to office, meet my friends during the weekend and attend my yoga class every morning. Life was back to normal until I bumped into him...in my building!

Seeing him sitting in the garden of my building made me question cupid’s plans. I walked up to him and greeted him. He was so shocked to see me but he hugged me immediately. He went on to tell me that he moved into the building and was staying with a bunch of flatmates.

Hearing this brought a smile to my face. From randomly meeting him below my building, intercom calls to chilling at each others places... We slowly became the best of friends.

On days when I wanted to escape from the world, I used to sit on my terrace. The fresh air, solace and sunset, always made me feel rejuvenated. I used to read a book and listen to music up there.

One such evening, when I was returning from the terrace, I forgot that I left my powerbank there. But since I had also heard rumours that the terrace was haunted at night there was no way did I wanted to go there and search for anything after 9 pm. I was just worried that someone might take it or throw it away.

Trying to distract my mind, I went down to buy some groceries only to bump into him - again. While we were talking, I told him that my I left my powerbank on the terrace and was too scared to look for it because I was told that it was haunted.

On hearing that the terrace was haunted, his face instantly lit up. He begged me to take him along. Not taking no for an answer, he told me to meet him on the terrace at 10.30pm sharp.

Internal meet him on the terrace

As soon as the clock struck 10:30, my phone started ringing. He was already on top and asked me to come up soon. Taking a deep breath, I walked into the elevator and pressed floor 15. It was the top floor and the terrace was a level higher.

I walked up the stairs and to my surprise, no one was there! I decided to make a run for it. Out of nowhere, I heard someone say, ‘boo’! I was so scared that I started screaming. He covered my mouth with his hand and asked me to calm down.

A beer in one hand and a torch in the other, we eventually found my powerbank and decided to stay for a while. It was a day before Diwali that night. There were fireworks and the sky was filled with floating lanterns. It was a magical sight.

And because I was in his company, I didn’t feel an ounce of fear. I actually wanted to stay and talk to him.

We spoke about life in general, our hobbies, goals and then the next question made my heart skip a beat. ‘Are you dating anyone’? After I told him that I wasn’t, I saw a smirk on his face.

As I stared at the fireworks, I suddenly felt a hand on mine. Before I could react, he gently pulled my face closer to his and kissed me. His lips were so soft and he smelt so good. We were just about to make the kiss deeper when we both heard a strange noise. As he began to search the terrace with the torch, the noise kept getting louder and louder. The strange part was that there was no one on the terrace with us... Or at least, we hadn't seen anyone.

The thing that gave us the chills was that we thought someone was watching us and so we decided to leave the terrace. Just as we were about to lock the door, we heard that screeching sound again. He held my hand and we made a quick dash to the elevator. As soon as we reached the garden, we both burst into laughter. It was spooky, but it was an adventure neither of us will ever forget.

From that night on, we started dating. I think the beauty of life is its unpredictability. Who would ever thought that a tiny powerbank would bring us together? And that screeching sound, well, never mind… At least, I had him by my side that night and the many nights to come after. *Wink*

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