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10 Important Hair Care Tips for Growing Your Hair Long, Strong and Lustrous!

10 Important Hair Care Tips for Growing Your Hair Long, Strong and Lustrous!

Short hair is in vogue, sure, but nothing can beat the otherworldly glamour of long, long locks! If you’re trying to make your hair grow long and beautiful, then we have a few easy but effective long hair tips and tricks to help you out. Scroll down to know how to grow your hair *seriously* long!

1. Keep your scalp clean

1 make your hair grow longer The first step to grow your hair long is to keep your scalp clean and happy. Whenever your scalp feels sticky and itchy, just shampoo it to wash away the dirt and dead skin. Be it summer or winter - do not skip shampooing your hair for too many days at a stretch. But on the other hand, don’t over-shampoo as that could cause major dryness. Two to three times a week is ideal.

2. Conditioning is not optional

Last but definitely not the least in your hair wash routine - you cannot skip conditioning your hair if you want a mermaid-like mane. Use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to keep it soft and moisturized. Also, do not forget to treat your hair and scalp to a good old champi once a week. It will nourish your scalp and help your hair grow long.

3. The ‘upside down’ trick

3 make your hair grow longer This is a really simple trick to grow your hair long - just flip your hair upside down, massage your scalp gently for about 2 minutes and do this daily. Doing this will increase the blood circulation and grow your hair long and strong!

4. Cut down on chemicals

Various hair procedures like colouring, rebonding, perming, etc. sound really tempting but all these procedures do A LOT of damage to your hair because they contain way too many harsh chemicals. So embrace your natural hair and stay away from such procedures as much as you can!

5. Go to bed with combed hair

5 make your hair grow longer No matter how tired you are, never go to sleep with tangled hair. If you want to long and healthy hair then comb your hair and put it in a loose braid every night. Combing your hair will help blood circulation in your scalp and will prevent friction while you twist and turn all night in your sleep. Friction can cause hair breakage and no one wants that!

6. Use heat styling products, wisely!

Be exceptionally careful and wise while using heat styling products - avoid using them on a regular basis and whenever you use them, make sure to keep the temperature minimum. Here are a few dos and don’ts of heat styling your hair.

7. Take care of your diet

7 make your hair grow longer What you eat has a lot to do with how good or bad your hair and skin look! So increase the consumption of foods that will help grow your hair long and healthy. Consuming a high protein diet can help you get your desired results just in a couple of months. Nuts, eggs, pulses and plenty of water can definitely help you in achieving strong and long hair.

8. Go easy with hairstyles

If you’re a girl who loves to try new hairstyles then just pick the ones that do not tug hard at your hair. Pulling your hair back in tight hairstyles looks chic and trendy but it damages your hair by making it weak from the root and thus becomes a hindrance in growing strong, long hair!

9. Power of home remedies

9 make your hair grow longer If you haven’t given home remedies a shot yet then you’re missing out on something really useful for growing your hair long and beautiful. Stop splurging on pricey hair products that are possibly laden with chemicals, and whip up a nourishing DIY hair mask instead. Home remedies can actually work wonders for the health of your hair and help it grow longer, faster. Click here to know about some awesome home remedies that *actually* work!

10. Hair supplements

Sometimes our daily diet is just not enough to provide all those vitamins and nutrients that are needed to grow lush, long hair. That’s when supplements step in! Biotin is one popular supplement in context to hair growth and there are numerous others as well. However, though most of these supplements are safe, it is advised you consult a doctor before taking any of them. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 29, 2016
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