7 Dos & Don’ts For Using Heat Styling Tools On Your Hair!

7 Dos & Don’ts For Using Heat Styling Tools On Your Hair!
Ladies, none of us can roll out of bed with perfect hair. A certain amount of primping, brushing, blow drying and spraying is necessary for some mane-satisfaction. But although this gives us better-looking strands temporarily, we’re actually causing our hair to become dry and brittle if we’re not careful. So here we give you the dos and don’ts of heat styling your hair to reach that ideal compromise of locks that are styled fabulously and are healthy too!

1. DO Pick The Right Sized Brush

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If you’re using a brush that is too small while blow drying then you run the risk of it getting tangled in your hair and causing damage. The size of your brush should be determined by your hair length and texture. The longer your hair, the larger your brush should be. Remember that paddle brushes are good for smoothing hair texture while round brushes help to straighten hair.

2. DON’T Use Heat Without Protection

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t even think of plugging in that dryer or iron without applying any product to your strands first. These tools use A LOT of heat that will dry out and fry your strands causing frizz. Hair products are a must to create a protective barrier for your strands from the heat.

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3. DO Use Professional Tools

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It’s worth it to spend a bit extra on your styling tools. Invest in professional tools from trusted brands like Braun or Remington. Anything that uses ceramic or a tourmaline plate is always better. These tools get hotter faster and stay hot for longer, which means that you don’t need to go over the same hair over and over or hold it in between the plates or barrel for too long. This basically helps cut down on heat damage.

4. DON’T Use Heat Everyday

Hot tools can cause split ends, roughness and dry out your strands. Especially if your hair is coloured or already dry. It’s definitely not something you should be doing every day. Limit the use of heat on your precious strands. Use a blowdryer not more than once or twice a week and flat/curling irons only on occasions or once in awhile. Otherwise, you’ll have to trim off more hair than you like and often too.

5. DO Use Masks To Replenish Hair

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If you’re super fond of heat styling your hair than you definitely need to pamper your locks with extra moisture to make up for the damage and dryness caused. A conditioning hair mask every week is non-negotiable to replenish and repair strands. Oiling your hair with coconut or almond oil is also a great idea to keep your locks soft.

6. Don’t Use Elastic Bands To Tie Your Hair Up

Rubber elastic bands can be such a pain to take out and can rip out your strands and seriously damage them. Always, always use cloth covered hair ties instead - yes, even when you’re styling your hair - they are so much gentler on your locks and won’t pull them out.

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7. DO Keep It At A Distance

7 tips on styling your hair

When blow drying, keep it at a safe distance and hold your dryer a few inches away from your locks. Never get it too close and definitely don’t let the nozzle touch your strands as that will cause major damage.

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