Sunday Shorts: 3 Sweet Tales Of Taking The *Next* Step With Him

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sweet Tales Of Taking The *Next* Step With Him

1. Our Sweet Eighteen

We were both 15 years old when we met. It was the perfect high school love story. A shy pursuit by both of us that blossomed into love. Believe it or not, our birthdays fell on the same day too. So on our 18th birthday, after 3 years of being together we decided to take a step forward into the world of physical pleasure. We were finally thinking about taking our relationship to the next level.

On my way to his house, I started to worry about things. Was I really ready for this? Is he the right guy? Was this our forever after? I almost decided I would refuse to go ahead with our plans but when I reached his house, the sight was just beautiful... He had put up a blanket fort in his room with fairy lights all around - it was so cozy and mesmerizing! He met me at the door and kissed me on the cheek. Everything was so magical that in that moment I realized it didn’t matter if this was our 'forever after' or not. All that mattered was him next to me, both of us, beginning something together.

1 taking your relationship to the next level

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2. A Trip To Remember

Although we had been dating for almost a year, we had never ‘done it’. Instead, we decided to take things slow and used that year to get to know each other as well as possible. So much so that when he proposed the idea of a weekend getaway, I found myself saying yes, without any hesitation!

The valley served as the perfect setting for us to talk about how we really felt about each other. We were both crazy about each other and felt comfortable enough to take our relationship to the next level... It just felt so right! What then started with a passionate kiss soon turned into a night that both of us were to remember forever. Turns out, the trip was all we needed to move forward in our relationship!

2 taking your relationship to the next level

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3. A Night Of Sweet Romance

He knew I was a romantic at heart. Till today, I look at love-making to be an art. The mood and setting needs to be perfect. More so, my body and vibe need to sync with his.

We had been dating for 5 months and never took things to the next level. I had always thought of him to be the guy who's not as much into the romance of the moment as me… He proved me wrong that night though. Just when I had had a really rough day at work, I opened the door to my house only to find it lit up with scented candles. A glass of wine on the table, a box of dark chocolates and soft music playing in the background... Before I could turn around, he held me from the back, pressed his hips towards mine, and planted soft kisses on my back and neck. He set the mood just right. Never did my body feel so comfortable with his. That night, we made love till the break of dawn. It's still of one of my best memories I have!

3 taking your relationship to the next level

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