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The Ultimate 10-Step ‘Get Over Your Ex’ List!!

The Ultimate 10-Step ‘Get Over Your Ex’ List!!

Getting over your ex is no easy feat. While navigating the plains of singledom, it can be hard to figure out how to climb out of the shadows of your ex. We say - climb every mountain! Here's how to get over your ex - 10 top tips to get past that relationship, once and for all!

1. Let It Out

If you have to cry, cry! If you have to scream, scream! Don't hold it in, you need to release your feelings out into the universe.
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2. Cut Him Off

Don't respond to the random Facebook messages or the 4 am calls. It's done now, he doesn't deserve to hear back from you if you don't want speak to him. Give yourself some healing time.

3. Tear That Teddy

Get rid of the little reminders of your relationship. Whether it is by flushing all his love letters or burning his pictures - trust us, it will help you get over things faster. Also read: 8 Reasons Your Breakup Was The *Right* Decision For You

4. Be With Your Besties

how to get over your ex - friends hug gif Hang out with your girls and embrace the fact that you can do so without feeling 'guilty' that the boy is being left behind or feeling ignored.

5. Brave Alone Time

You do need to eventually spend some time alone, but you can fill it with things that you genuinely enjoy doing - download some new tunes or find a new show to watch! Go back to being happy by yourself.

6. Write It Down

If your feelings are overwhelming and you feel like you want to let them out... DON'T text him - write it all down in a journal! It will provide the release you need without opening that can of worms!

7. No More 'Should Have, Would Have, Could Have'

Stop over analyzing and regretting what has already happened. It's in the past and that's where you need to leave it. Remember, 'this too shall pass'. Don't miss out on your present! how to get over your ex Also read: 8 Ways To Get Over That Big Fight With Your Guy

8. Avoid The Rebound Guy...

Stay single for a while, there's no need to rush into a new relationship while you are still trying to get over the last one. Take all the time you need!

9. But Enjoy Dating

Hey, you're single after all - so why not enjoy the perks?! Ask your friends to set you up on a few casual dates and get to meet those plenty fish in the sea people keep talking about!

10. Tick-Tock

Remember that time will eventually heal all wounds, so allow yourself to have moments where everything doesn't feel perfect. Life will be beautiful once more, we promise!how to get over your ex GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Oct 29, 2016
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