#MyStory: He Broke My Heart… Before We Even Met!

#MyStory: He Broke My Heart… Before We Even Met!
It was like any other day in college when Shreya suddenly came up to me, all fired up. “You know Aakash asked me about you yesterday. He is kind of interested in talking to you, but he is really shy,” she said. So this was news for me, her school friend, whom I’ve never met, was interested in me. All my friends found this topic very exciting and dared me to text him. And I, being the complete romantic fool, fell for the dare and texted him on Facebook.

We started chatting and soon fell into a comfortable routine. My friends kept on telling me that I would soon get bored and we would stop chatting. Some said one month while some said three months, but astonishingly enough, I never got bored.

He was the most decent guy I had ever come across in my entire life. The first three months we just spent getting to know each other, and our similar tastes for food and movies acted as catalysts in our long conversations. I being the gabby person and he being the listener made conversations more easy and enjoyable.

In next few months he became an integral part of my life. I would pray for his good results and he would share his everyday routine with me. He would even discuss his personal and professional problems with me and I was always there for him - day or night.

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Soon came 25th April - his birthday. I had everything planned for it. Even though we had never met, I called him up and sang happy birthday, baked him a birthday cake and e-mailed him a heartfelt letter. Basically I did everything I could from a distance, and this was the first time I had done so much for any guy in my life. But honestly, it all seemed worth it when he told me how moved he was.

internal broke my heart

Life went on like this. I had known Aakash for almost a year now, and not even a single day passed by without us talking. Everyone thought I had found someone special, and deep down inside I thought the same. He was the perfect guy for me and also the only guy for whom I felt something more than friendship. Though we were far apart and we’d never met, it never bothered me because I trusted him completely.

But as we all know, life isn’t a fairy tale. In the first week of September, I went out with my friends for my birthday treat. Little did I know that that day would break all my dreams forever. We were just getting done with our lunch when Shreya came up to me and showed a conversation she had with Aakash. My world came tumbling down when I saw the phone screen. Shreya had asked him if he still spoke to me, and his exact words were, “Yeah she is the one who keeps on texting me every day, and being the perfect gentleman I reply to her whenever I get time out of my busy schedule.”

Never meeting him didn’t save my heart and trust from breaking into pieces!

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All this while I had been wasting my time and trust just to see it end like this. I came back and asked for an explanation from him, but all he did was blame Shreya for miscommunicating. That day he broke my heart and my trust. For the first time I got to know how it feels when someone breaks your heart. But I knew I couldn’t go weak for him anymore, so I told him, “It’s better we don’t ever talk to each other. All the best in life and goodbye.”

Maybe I was a wrong judge of people, so I could never trust anyone after that. I promised myself that my life would only revolve around my family and close friends from then on. My career became my priority. Today and every day, I want to thank him for breaking me once, as it only made me stand up again and become stronger. But deep down inside, I know that someday in the far-off future, someone will break the walls and enter my heart to stay forever.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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