cannot be with a guy

7 Things You'll Get If You Like Someone You Can't Be With

Sneha Manandhar


It’s wonderful - falling in love and being in love, and to top it all, being with someone you really, really like is probably the best feeling ever. But sometimes things don’t go your way and you feel miserable. Sometimes the person you’re so massively crushing on doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, and that never feels good. If you’ve really liked someone but for some unfortunate reason, you couldn’t be with him, this is a list you will relate to.

1. You stalk him shameless and endlessly

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right there in your face, it’s extremely easy to keep stalking him. To track his moves, and most importantly, to find out who he is spending his time with. Admit it, for the longest time, you thought that the girl in his profile picture was his girlfriend when really it was his cousin sister.

1 cannot be with a guy

2. You keep wanting to text him

Admit it - you've typed out your true feelings on text way too many times too count and backspaced the whole message as many number of times. But the need to text him is always there, even more so after watching a rom-com or drinking with your friends.

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3. You spend days and nights pining away for him

And well, he doesn’t even know about it! So you cry to your friends, talking about your not-to-be lover, and blame God and the universe for it all. It's like in movies but feels way worse in reality. 3 cannot be with a guy

4. You give yourself pep talks

Either to convince yourself that the time just isn't right for the two of you right now and it'll happen one day if it's meant to happen, or to convince yourself that there is a bigger, better plan for you and perhaps a better person waiting for you.

5. You listen to heart-break songs

And you day-dream about the wonderful dates you would have gone for with him, the amazing conversations you would have had and how lovely every moment spent with him would have been.

5 cannot be with a guy

6. You compose sad songs

Oh, the melancholy! Oh, the words that seep out of your unhappy soul. Really, sometimes heartbreak does bring out the best in all of us, doesn’t it? 

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7. Your journal gets some action, finally

Your long-lost penning skills come back to life almost too suddenly. You write everything down, all of what you are feeling. Because let’s face it, nobody really gets what it feels like. 

7 cannot be with a guy

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Published on Jul 20, 2016
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