Textationship, Ghosting, Zombieing: 10 NEW Relationship Terms!

Textationship, Ghosting, Zombieing: 10 NEW Relationship Terms!
We aren’t like our parents, and we don’t date like them either (I doubt if they did date at all, my parents straight away got...married). Modern dating comes with its own set of rules and terms, and here are a few of them you gotta start using, ‘coz hey, it’s great to keep up with all that’s new and cool, right?

1. Textationship

That situation when you and your partner text each other ALL the time, but hardly ever call and never plan to meet? Yup, this rectangle between you two and your phones is called textationship. You know what to tell your friends now when they ask about your relationship status.

1 new relationship terms

2. Ghosting

That one time when you were going out with someone and suddenly he...vanished. Just like that. In thin air. With his phone switched off, his flat empty and his friends without a clue about his whereabouts - yeah, it’s the modern dating curse. People don’t just dump you, they “ghost” on you.

3. Zombeing

If you thought nothing could get worse than ghosting, then zombieing will surprise you! For this happens, after a person ghosts on you and then reappears, like a zombie, on social media and kills you further by putting up cheesy statuses and liking your posts randomly - like he had never left!

3 new relationship terms

4. 143

It means I Love You. Can you imagine? We have actually come up with a non-heartfelt, technical way of confessing our love. It’s probably worse than ILY. Dear boyfriend, don’t even bother, I know you love me, but please don’t 143 to me.

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5. Manicorn

The perfect man who is like the unicorn - whom everyone talks about but no one has actually ever seen. Yup, our fictional, perfect guy. We finally have a term for him. Pretty useful, don’t you think?

5 new relationship terms

6. Cupcaking

Here’s a cute term for being boring. So when couples stay in, instead of going out - they can feel better about themselves by proclaiming that they are just “cupcaking”. More to staying in then, yaass!!

7. Ex-hole

You get this one, don’t you? That ex, who was an a**hole. Hah. You’re gonna use this one, aren’t you? Go ahead, this is what these cool new words are for!

7 new relationship terms

8. Hot room

Now this one refers to a weird social situation, where couples with complicated relationship dynamics come together. Like you, your boyfriend and your ex, at a common friend’s party. Get it?

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9. Benching

That guy who messages you for a week, and then vanishes for another one and then comes back and talks to you like he was never gone. Please know that this inconsistent dude is “benching” you, which means that he likes you, but not so much, you know?

9 new relationship terms

10. Catfishing

Haven’t you been fooled by someone whose pictures look gorgeous AF, but the reality is a.. um, a bit disappointing? Well, his fake digital personality “catfish-ed” you.

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