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Never Lie to Him About These 8 Things, No Matter What!

Never Lie to Him About These 8 Things, No Matter What!
While we are sure you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to any relationship, we all tend to make some common silly mistakes. These could be in the form of seemingly small lies too. We are here to tell you it’s a really bad idea to lie in a relationship because no matter how insignificant it seems now, it’s going to spell trouble sooner or later.

1. “I have never dated anyone before.”

We get it; your past is no one else’s business. But there’s no point lying about it. You’d rather be honest that your past is behind you and it’s a chapter you don’t like to revisit. If your boyfriend finds out your actual dating history, he will wonder why you lied about it in the first place.

2. “I’m not in touch with any of my exes.”

If you have managed to stay friends with your exes, then kudos to you girl. You should take pride in the fact instead of trying to keep it from your boyfriend. It won’t be a pleasant surprise if he finds out through someone else. Besides, it means nothing dodgy, right? So don’t lie about it!

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3. “I love hanging out with all your friends.”

Okay, let’s get real – you like some of his friends, and you REALLY don’t like some of them. Don’t keep this fact from him. We are not saying you should give him a hard time about his friendships, but at the same time, he should know that there are some friends who don’t make you comfortable. This will only save you a lot of trouble in the due course of your relationship.

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4. “I have all the same hobbies as you.”

We know it’s super tempting to find common ground with the boy in your life and do things together. But the truth is, you can only keep up this charade for some time. Eventually, he’s going to see the real you, so just be yourself from the start – quirky hobbies, et al.

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5. “I love it when you get jealous!”

Do you? Do you, really? Yes – it is flattering when the boy is all concerned about who you are meeting and when you’ll be back. But this won’t seem cute for long, especially if he’s always concerned/stressed. A little jealousy is healthy in every relationship, but he’s not your security guard, he’s your boyfriend. So, make sure he has no cause for concern when it comes to you stepping out and meeting others without him.

6. “I don’t care about meeting my girls anymore.”

This one makes us cringe, because we would hate to think you are the kind of girl who just forgot all about her girl friends when her boy came along. Be clear with him from the beginning – your girls have a special place in your heart and no one can replace them!

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7. “I don’t care if you don’t remember dates and stuff.”

We know you want to seem like the cool girlfriend – but trust us, this is one lie that is sure to bite you in the behind. Of course you will care if he forgets your birthday, or doesn’t remember your anniversary! Might as well let him know right at the start that it’s what you expect.

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8. “I never take time to get ready.”

It’s cute how we lie to ourselves too about this one! 

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