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8 Things You’ll Get If Your Younger Bro Or Sis Is TOO Young!

8 Things You’ll Get If Your Younger Bro Or Sis Is TOO Young!
If you were in middle or high school when your parents announced that you were gonna have a younger sibling soon, you will totally get what it feels to have a sibling so young that he/ she basically looks like your child. Here’s what happens when there’s a huge age gap between you and your younger sibling!

1. Initially, you were not exactly proud of a new child on its way in the family…

Truth be told, you felt slightly embarrassed to tell your friends that your parents were expecting a baby again, after all these years.

2. In fact, your younger sibling was probably one of the most weird surprises you received from your parents in your teenage life!

Like no other news left you as…speechless in your young life!

2 age gap between you and your sibling

3. But because you weren’t a child anymore, you remember all the details of your sibling arriving.

From the moment he or she was born, to his name ceremony to how everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed over him to how everybody gave him all the attention... He just arrived two days ago, folks! Calm down.

4. Your parents left you in charge of the baby ALL the time!

But after a while you realized babies could be fun too. If only because they adore you and do everything you say when you say it (most of the time). :p

4 - age gap between you and your sibling

5. But other people always ruined your fun, by thinking out loud that your younger sibling was your child!

And it’s so annoying ‘coz they still do it. Not flattering, people. At all. Nope.

6. You were even forced to watch a LOT of baby TV shows and cartoons…

Only because your kid sibling loved to watch it. Plus he/ she would squeal like crazy if you changed channels, and hearing him/her squeal got your mum squealing harder... So you just watched the show and kept peace at home.

6 - age gap between you and your sibling

7. On several occasions, you even attended your kid sibling’s parent-teacher meeting as the responsible elder…

And that was the final nail in the coffin. You just couldn’t escape being this child’s unofficial guardian. But well, at least it made you feel like an adult.

8. Oh, and you NEVER had to share your clothes and stuff…

All thanks to the huge age gap and its resultant size gap between you and your sibling, which made sharing impossible. #Perks

8 - age gap between you and your sibling

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