sister and you do not look like each other

9 Things You'll ONLY Get If Your Sister Looks Nothing Like You!

Tanaya Seth

Guest Contributor

Being sisters does not mean that you both need to look identical! You both can look different, dress up differently, have different personalities and still be blood related. You have to always convince people that she is your real sister. Here are some things you will get if you and your sister just do not look like each other.

1. You’re tired of hearing, “You both just don’t look like each other”

You know the drill right? At every family function, every distant relative and every other person will always have the same thing to say when they meet both of you together. And there you both stand, looking at each other with the same straight face.

1 sister and you do not look like each other

2. You’re often asked if you really are sisters!

Once their initial shock of both of you being related is over and they realise that apart from your looks, you both have different personalities too, they ask you again, “Are you both really sisters?!”

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3. You both can always be easily differentiated in baby pictures

Your parents never had a tough time guessing “who’s who” in baby pictures. They knew exactly which one is you and which one is your sister since you both don’t look like each other. Right? Remember?

3 sister and you do not look like each other

4. Names were never mixed up!

If you and your un-identical sister went to the same school, teachers never knew you both are related to each other.  And, because of that, your names were never mixed up and you both were never compared to each other - obviously because your teachers never knew you both are related until they met your parents at PTA!

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5. People always tell you both that you remind them of your parents...

Well obviously, we were raised by them in the same manner. So even if we do not look alike, we both can have some of the same traits right?

5 sister and you do not look like each other

6. Sometimes people say vague things like “Maybe you both have the same jaw line”

Once your relatives have scanned both your faces and digested the fact that you both are sisters, they often come up with funny and vague similarities between the two of you just to make you both feel comfortable. Actually, they end up doing the opposite!

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7. But the thing is, the two of you have never wanted to be identical!

You love each other and learn things from each other everyday. But looking like each other has never been something that you’ve even thought about!

7 sister and you do not look like each other

8. To describe your sister, you can just say, “She’s my opposite”

Life is so easy when people ask you to describe your sister. “My opposite”, two simple words and you have described her!

9. Thank god you both are different!

Imagine how boring it can be at home when you and your sister are identical in terms of looks, personality, habits and everything else! It is so much better to be different and still be able to have a great time together! Similar or not, you both are still soul mates.

9 sister and you do not look like each other

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Published on Jun 05, 2016
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