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9 Things That Happen When Your Sister Moves To Another City!

9 Things That Happen When Your Sister Moves To Another City!
She is all grown up, all set to leave home and go to another city to study. You, with a heavy heart, smile and try to keep the atmosphere cheery. But, of course, you're a bit sad too! Here are some things that happen when your sister goes to another city to study!

1. You try to spend as much time together as possible before she leaves.

Major sister bonding!

2. You share all the tips and tricks up your sleeve with her!

So that she doesn't repeat your mistakes.
2 another city to study

3. Once she leaves you become the go-to person.

Small errands, big errands - they're all yours to get done now that your sister is not there. Also read: 9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Sister Looks Nothing Like You!

4. You guys find more apps to stay connected like Snapchat.

Whatsapp just isn't enough anymore! And the number of calls/texts/Snapchats goes way up! 4 another city to study

5. Your parents become more tech savvy!

They learn how to use Skype and now even your dad is on Whatsapp!

6. You suddenly miss your sister even more!

Though you used to fight with her more than anyone else, but now suddenly her not being around is causing waves of emotions. 6 another city to study

7. You become your mom's, dad's and even your sister's agony aunt when they are arguing.

You become the messenger and the middle(wo)man but usually it doesn't end well for you... Your mom and dad end up scolding you instead because "woh toh door hai" emotion is high. Sigh! Also read: 12 Promises To Her Sister EVERY Girl Should Keep! *Grin*

8. You have only one feeling when she tells you about her experiences...

Proud! Because she is becoming independent and living her life to the fullest!
8 another city to study

9. You plan visits ALL the time!  

And make new memories with each other whenever you can! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr