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7 Slightly Weird Things That Become *Normal* In A Relationship!

7 Slightly Weird Things That Become *Normal* In A Relationship!
It’s amazing how thin the border is between creepy and normal. Such is the case with relationships - you go from being the most normal person to being the creepiest creep in just a matter of months - and sometimes it only takes a couple of weeks. Here are a few things that would deem no longer creepy once you’re in a relationship!

1. The smelling, the sniffing, the inhaling

Yeah, you grow to love everything about your partner, even the way he smells - and you can’t get enough of it! Really, ever wondered how creepy that sounds? But it's really not when you’re with him!

2. Not having to control your natural “instincts” in front of another person...

Like farting and burping with all your might in front of him. Wait, this would genuinely come off as more gross than creepy though. 2 not creepy

3. Using the bathroom at the same time as someone else

And not just for the naughty stuff! You could be peeing while he could be taking a shower - and while this is happening, you guys could be talking about how bizarre the latest Bollywood scandal is. You lock your bathroom door in fear of your mom accidentally walking in when you’re home, but you have no problem sharing the loo with your partner. The world works in mysterious ways - how the creepy suddenly becomes the normal! BannerPink 500px

4. Checking, um, private areas!

For stuff like cuts, wounds or any sort of anomalies. Slow claps for you! Since when did you guys decide you would be each others’ gynaecologists and urologists? 4 not creepy

5. Completely being yourself...

Do you realise how utterly weird it is when you act out random movie scenes (complete with the crying and the rolling on the floor) in front of your partner, and he doesn’t really think it's strange because he’s used to you! The fact that you get to act uninhabited in front of him is a huge milestone.

6. Playing the involuntary spy

It might sound like a massive invasion of privacy - but it comes with the package. Mostly knowing where he is, what he is doing, who he is with and vice-versa, just naturally happens. 6 not creepy

7. Knowing exactly what someone is thinking without them even saying it!

It’s weird how you can make out exactly what your partner is thinking or what he feels about something just by his body language and his facial expressions. One must have had to do a serious study on someone to know all these things, but you’ve mastered the art of it without even having to try! GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 8 Things You *Can’t* Do Without In A Long Distance Relationship MUST-READ: 7 Things That Shouldn’t Change When You Get Into A Relationship