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9 Things That ONLY Happen With Your Sister (And No One Else!)

9 Things That ONLY Happen With Your Sister (And No One Else!)
Sisters can be the best of friends while simultaneously also be the worst of enemies. Sisters love each other and love to hate to each other. But sisters know that they have a friend for life and that there is someone who will always have their back. Here are a few scenarios only sisters can relate to.

1. Running out of toilet paper but not having to panic

Sisters were solely made for this. So that they could come to your rescue when you literally couldn’t move your butt.

1 Sisters will relate to

2. Re-enacting an episode of WWE Smackdown over clothes

Sisters often share clothes without having been given official permission to do so. This could lead to nasty fights and a lot of scratch marks.

3. Copying everything you see on TV

Like mimicking the judges from Masterchef Australia, following elaborate dance routines for the heck of it and making a huge deal if you catch them in the act of doing any of these things alone. Sisters just love to embarrass each other.

3 Sisters will relate to

4. Comparing your face to your mother’s

Because we feel like our mother is the most beautiful person in the whole universe, we like to think we look a lot like her - while proving that our sisters are the uglier ones, of course!

5. Being called the same name

When distant family members and family friends come over for dinner/lunch they address you by one common name which does not belong to any of you. So, you just play along and wait to hog on the left over good food right after they leave.

5 Sisters will relate to

6. When our folks ask you to do something...

We try to force the work on our sisters, till it’s a back and forth tug-of-war and then our folks do the task themselves because obviously they have no hopes that we will ever get around to doing anything.

7. Scrutinizing each other's boyfriends

The guys better be nice and like the things that we like! Otherwise, clearly they are not right for our sisters!

7 Sisters will relate to

8. Becoming sweet as sugar when we need something from our sisters

And as a sister who practices this herself, they will see right through it and ignore you...till they need something from you. Wonderful cycle, this.

9. When they say you were either adopted and/or found in a garbage bin

It seems that all elder sisters were given birth to play this prank on their younger siblings without fail. Like, it’s her initiation to being the “elder” one. *rolling eyes* 

9 Sisters will relate to

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