#MyStory: What My Boyfriend Did For Me When I Got Really Drunk

#MyStory: What My Boyfriend Did For Me When I Got Really Drunk
Our college group hadn’t been in touch for a while because everyone was busy with their professional lives. So, we all decided to celebrate our friend’s birthday party as a reunion. We decided that we’d dance the night away.

My boyfriend was also from the same group, so we drove to the party venue - a farmhouse situated outside Bombay - together. The place was beautifully decorated and the party was on in full swing when we reached. There were colourful balloons, party hats, crates of beer and an insane music system. What more could one ask for, right?

We met everyone, started catching up and cracking old college jokes. Everyone was grooving to the music and laughing, and lots of selfies were being taken. When the clock struck 12, the birthday girl cut the cake and we kept partying. One of our friends suggested that we do shots. My boyfriend and I usually don’t mix drinks, but this one night, we just went with the flow.

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While everyone was having a good time, I decided to take a stroll around the farmhouse. I had no idea that my boyfriend was following me. He wanted to let me have some ‘me time’ but he didn’t want me to be all alone so late at night. So, he kept walking behind me at a distance. While I was staring into space, I suddenly felt his hand slip into mine. It was super romantic.
I looked at him, he smiled, and then the two of us took a walk beneath a blanket full of stars. It felt magical. The next thing I know, his hand pulled my cheeks to his face and he kissed me. We could have taken it to a whole new level, but he stopped….

Instead, we walked back to the farmhouse where he found an empty room and put me to bed. My head was spinning and anything could have happened at the heat of the moment. However, nothing happened. It was around 5 am and everyone had fallen asleep; we had the entire room to ourselves. What he did next made me fall in love with him more... He gently tucked me into bed, lay close to me and played with my hair till I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw him fast asleep holding my hands. He must have fallen asleep while making sure that I slept well. It was so cute and thoughtful of him. I quietly left the room and went to have breakfast with our friends who were already up. He woke up around noon and came to me smiling. “I hope you had a good night’s sleep,” he said. My friends told me that he didn’t allow anyone to disturb me while I was sleeping. It was rather heartwarming to see such a sensitive side of him.

Sometimes, alcohol does get the better of you, and can make you do things that you might regret later. But if you have someone who means well and genuinely looks out for you, nothing could ever go wrong. His gesture that night made our relationship stronger. I trust that while I have him by my side, nothing could ever go wrong. This was one of the most memorable and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever felt. I love this guy to the moon and back.

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