6 Essential Tips For Gorgeous Hair Even In This Summer Heat!

6 Essential Tips For Gorgeous Hair Even In This Summer Heat!
Sunburn, sweat and melting makeup aren’t our only beauty woes in this scorching heat. Dirt, humidity, pollution, heat and sunlight can seriously get in the way of a luscious mane too. With a heat wave on in full swing, we give you some essential tips for gorgeous hair in the summer. Read on to beat frizz, dryness and sun damage all season long.

1. Tame That Frizz

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Uncontrollable frizz is a major problem during high temperatures; pair that with humidity and you’ve got mega volume but not in a nice way. Dryness and sun exposure are major culprits for this. Use a humidity- control product like BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in (Rs 175) or oils (like argan oil) to bring back moisture to dry, fried strands. Also try air drying as much as you can as blow drying will just make your mane frizz up more.

2. Goodbye, Grease

There’s just something about the blazing heat that turns your scalp into a greasy mess within a day of washing your hair. Pair that with sweat and you’re sure to feel disgustingly icky. Believe it or not, but washing your hair less often will help. Washing your hair daily is very drying and as a result, your scalp produces excess sebum to compensate for the lost moisture. Cutting down on your hair washes to a few times in a week can help your scalp reach the right balance instead of producing too much oil. You can rinse with water if you like, but don’t shampoo every day. Also, a great way to sap up excess oil is by dabbing your scalp with a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel.

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3. Some Sunscreen On Your Strands

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Your skin isn’t the only thing that can get damaged in the sun. Sun exposure can damage, dry and fry your strands too. There are products available that are designed to provide SPF protection for your hair, but most of these are either quite pricey or loaded with chemicals. Save yourself the trouble and try this quick hack instead. Once you’re done applying sunscreen on your skin, lightly run your hands through your locks so the residual sunscreen can protect against the sun’s strong UV rays this season.

4. Lock In The Moisture

To make hair stronger and smoother, using a hair mask once a week is important. It will thoroughly hydrate your strands, and repair and reverse the dryness and damage that is so common in this extreme heat. Take a break from heat styling too to prevent further damage. Instead, spritz on some texturizing spray, scrunch and rock some natural beach waves. If your hair tends to be frizzy, try some of these chic and super easy hairstyles instead.

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5. Hot Oil Rinse

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An amazing way to keep your strands soft, shiny and moisturized is by massaging your scalp with warm avocado or olive oil in the shower. Do this just after you shampoo - massage, rinse and then condition.

6. A Summer Spritz

One great idea to keep your hair moisturized anytime anywhere is with this easy mixture. Just add avocado oil and aloe vera juice to water and pour it into a spritz bottle. Spray your locks whenever you feel like they are dry and need an extra shot of moisture. You can also do the same by mixing water and argan oil.

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