Are You Washing Your Hair TOO Often For Your Hair Type?!

Are You Washing Your Hair TOO Often For Your Hair Type?!
Are you washing your hair TOO often? Lathering up too regularly can dry out your strands and make your hair lose shine. So if you wash your hair daily, you may want to reconsider your shampoo schedule. We make it simpler for you by telling you how long you can wait in between washes according to your hair type. Read on to save your strands!

1. Fine And Fabulous

how often should you wash your hair

Any fine-haired girl would know that her hair tends to get oily and fall flat and lifeless much more easily than girls with thicker tresses. But over-washing (and even under-washing) ain’t doing anything for your strands. In fact, stripping off your scalp’s natural oils is seriously doing some harm. For normal, fine hair you should wash your hair about 3 times a week. To solve your problems of oiliness and limp locks, swap your regular shampoo for a volumizing one and follow it up with a really light conditioner and apply it on your ends, as far away from your roots as possible, to avoid that annoying greasiness.

2. Thick And Terrific

how often should you wash your hair

Sure, you feel like you have way too much hair for you to handle and styling takes forever, but you know what the best part about having thick hair is? You can wait a few days between washes and prolong a great blow dry or style. Plus, volume is never an issue for you. You can shampoo every other day or even less than that, whatever suits your schedule. All you lazy girls can rejoice! Make sure to use a shampoo that is smoothening or includes argan oil to beat frizz and add shine.

3. Curly And Kinky

how often should you wash your hair

Don’t hate on your curls; thanks to them, oil from your scalp travels way more slowly down your strands than with straight hair. That basically means that you can go a few days without washing. Plus, don’t you feel like your curls look better a day or two after a wash? Take advantage of that! Lathering up twice a week is enough for your hair type. Remember that curly hair is also way more delicate, so over-washing can be pretty rough on it. A super moisturizing shampoo that is sulfate free is what you should be using.

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4. Chemically Straightened/ Rebonded Or Relaxed

how often should you wash your hair

This type of hair is really fragile and needs to be given some extra love and care. Don’t shampoo too often as your strands are already dry and damaged thanks to all the chemicals used. Wash your hair not more than twice a week so as to not upset its natural pH balance and dry it out more. A shampoo that is mild and nourishing is essential for giving your mane some much needed TLC. You should definitely stay away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, so check the bottle carefully.

5. Coloured And Cool

how often should you wash your hair

Too much shampooing can change/ fade your colour, so you need to pay more attention to your hair wash schedule. You need a shampoo that will strip away dirt and grime and not the colour. Use a shampoo recommended by your hairstylist or one that is especially designed for colour-treated hair. Washing your hair about twice a week is enough.

Remember: The thicker the hair and less prone to oiliness, the longer you can go in between washes. Also, dry hair and curly hair should be washed less frequently compared to other types.

* Note: If you work out/ sweat often, then it’s advisable to wash your hair a bit more often.

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