When Your Guy Meets Your Parents... 10 Awkward Moments!

When Your Guy Meets Your Parents... 10 Awkward Moments!
Now that your parents have begun to talk about those arranged marriage meetings, and your bhabhi's chaachi's bua has started haranguing you with photos of random guys you could potentially marry, it's time to tell them about the boyfriend! Yes, there’s going to be lots of drama at home, but it’ll be the spice in your hitherto sweet love story. All we can do is prepare you for a few awkward situations that might crop up when the boy meets the fam...and wish you good luck!

1. The moment when you tell your family a boyfriend exists - and all hell breaks loose.

You will see a wave of emotion pass through your family as they go from being shocked to looking betrayed to living in constant denial to finally (although reluctantly) giving in.

1 boyfriend meets your parents

2. The moment when you tell the boyfriend that he needs to meet the parents - and he gets cold feet.

You will have to instruct him on what to wear, what to say, what to bring home and just how to win the family over. The gravity of these tasks might make him beg you to postpone the event, but you mustn't.

2 boyfriend meets your parents

3. The moment when the bell rings, and the opposing sides see each other for the first time...

And they will all be extremely formal and “forced” nice to each other, which will only make things more awkward. Why can’t they just be their normal, nice selves? Uff!

3 boyfriend meets your parents

4. The moment when your dad starts hammering the poor guy about his five year plans for the next twenty years.

And both of them, to the best of their ability, will try to win this conversation and beat the other to keep you to themselves.

4 boyfriend meets your parents

5. The moment when your mom tries to pacify everyone with...food!

And you wish that with finally some food in their bellies everyone will start showing some love!

5 boyfriend meets your parents

6. The moment when you act as the middle-woman, and try to make everyone comfortable.

You tell them honorable deeds performed by the other and hope it’ll impress them - for this is a room full of all the people you love! And wouldn’t life be just perfect if they’d just love each other too?

 6  boyfriend meets your parents

7. The moment when your grandparents sigh and say “Humare zamaane mein…”

And point out how they never understood the concept of “love marriages” anyway. Thanks, but no thanks, Dadi!

7  boyfriend meets your parents

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8. The moment when the “Shaadi kab karni hai” bomb is dropped, and immediate silence follows…

For, um, you weren’t dating without wanting to marry, right?

 8 boyfriend meets your parents

9. The moment when your siblings start calling him “Jiju”!

And you just wish they would shut up and not ask questions about how you met and where you sneaked off to on your date - all with your parents listening in...

9  boyfriend meets your parents

10. The moment when he promises to return with his parents the next time… And everyone awkwardly smiles at each other.

‘Coz, um, did we just become family?

10  boyfriend meets your parents

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