7 Things You *Shouldn’t* Accept In A Long Distance Relationship

7 Things You *Shouldn’t* Accept In A Long Distance Relationship
There is love and a relationship and then there is love and a long distance relationship. No matter how much a LDR gets glorified, there is no denying that it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. However, here is a list of things that you absolutely should not put up with in a long distance relationship.

1. The Uncertain Wait

In a long distance relationship, “meeting up” or “hanging out” with your boyfriend is completely out of the question. So, you wait for him to call, or text or make time for you. If you feel like he is making you wait on purpose, then this is a red flag already. Making you wait for these tiny gestures may eventually lead to him making you wait to get serious with you. If he can’t decide, you need to be able to take a firm stand and take the decision to leave.

things you should not put up with in a long distance relationship

2. The Lies

Once a liar, always a liar is often not true - but if you start to notice a pattern with his lies then it’s time you take some action. If you are an honest person then it is only natural to expect the same from your partner. But if he’s lying to you and you are turning a blind eye to what you know, then you should stop doing that.

3. Verbal Abuse

Honestly, this goes for any relationship. We’ve all heard stories of women in unhappy and abusive relationships. They stay stuck in such a relationship because with time they are conditioned to believe that this is what they deserve. Verbal abuse is as serious as physical abuse, so please make sure your voice is heard and you opt out of that sort of a relationship.

things you should not put up with in a long distance relationship

4. The Constant Fear Of Being Dumped

It’s easy to keep a track of what your significant other is doing when both of you are in the same city. You can just call him up and make plans for whenever. However, in an LDR, you don’t really know where he is, what he is up to or who he is with - and becoming slightly insecure is natural. But if you feel like this paranoia is consuming all your time, you should be smart enough to not put up with it. A person only gets paranoid when given cause to feel so.

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5. Unequal Effort Being Put In

If you feel like you are doing all you can to make it work and he isn’t at all, then it is time you start re-evaluating what you have with him. Our intuition never really fails us. He may honestly be extremely busy or he may not be the too-talkative types - but you should talk it out with him in earnest, and if he falls short on genuine reasons then you know what to do.

things you should not put up with in a long distance relationship

6. The Time-Keeping

Everyone wants their own space and time once in awhile and peace of mind isn’t too much to ask for. However, when your partner checks on you constantly, it can get a bit overwhelming. This constant checking may be assumed as how little trust he places on you. Is this something that you want to put up with?

7. Cheating

We live in a time where more and more people are increasingly adopting the idea of an open relationship - but there is still the other half who prefers monogamy. Many women put up with the cheating because they convince themselves that the distance is what got to their boyfriends. Is that a valid reason to cheat, though? If you are with someone who has cheated on you, then please give it a deep thought and ask yourself if he is really worth it.

things you should not put up with in a long distance relationship

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