12 Promises To Her Sister EVERY Girl Should Keep! *Grin*

12 Promises To Her Sister EVERY Girl Should Keep! *Grin*
Do you have a sister? Well, you’ve got to have her back at all possible times! These 12 sister codes will help you win the best-sister-ever award and make your parents proud of you two. Breach of code - will not be tolerated.

1. You can “borrow” her clothes, but you must return them washed and ironed.

You just have to show some respect to the other’s wardrobe!

2. You will stand by her side, whenever she needs permission from the parents, and she will do the same for you...

You will nod your head, and plead with Dad on cue - and do everything in your power to convince him to give her permission. He can’t refuse the two of you combined.

sister codes 2

3. You will not blackmail her, for any favour.

Sure, you can scare her a little with empty threats, if you must - but you shall never carry them through, for real. That’s just not okay!

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4. All gossip that she tells you about her friends - you will keep it to yourself  and never, ever let anyone know that you know.

You just don’t have the liberty to make such mistakes.

sister codes 4

5. You will not tolerate any man who can’t even make the effort to be nice to your sister.

Sisters before misters, always.

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6. You will be there for her if she fails an exam, if she breaks up, if she loses her job and when she makes your parents proud.

Her ups and her lows, her struggles and her joys - you will make them all even better.

sister codes 6

7. You will not let her attend that boring family function alone!

You will go along with her and bear those far-away relatives and their endless questions, together.

8. You will tell her about any cool sale that’s going on!

To keep this invaluable information from her is a sin.

sister codes 8

9. You will save her from every awkward situation...

From drunk evenings at her crush’s place, to accidental dress stainings at that work meeting - you will leave everything else and fly down to her rescue.

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10. You will give her an honest opinion, always.

Even if it means telling her that that dress she loves looks a bit too tight on her. Do what you must to keep it real for her!

sister codes 10

11. You will tell her very openly if you think she’s being fooled by a boy...

You won’t hesitate and will do it even at the cost of hurting her. You will also then go on to plan an appropriate revenge with her against the jerk!

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12. And on days when she simply wants to vent without looking for any real advice, you will let her.

Giving her everything she needs, when she needs it - that’s all you gotta do! :)

sister codes 12

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