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Mistakes You MUST Avoid For Beautiful Hair Always!

Mistakes You MUST Avoid For Beautiful Hair Always!
Tired of frizzy hair? Tangled knots? Or is it just a bad hair day? Who is to blame?

The weather perhaps. But since you can’t do anything about the hot weather, team POPxo is here with a video to tell you the things you are doing wrong with your hair and why you immediately need to STOP!

Watch the video and know how!!
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Things you need to take care of while:

1. Drying your hair

Do you use a towel to dry your hair? WRONG. Use a soft t-shirt instead. It’ll give you a frizz free look and you are ready to flaunt those tresses.

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2. Combing wet hair

Never ever brush your wet hair. Use a wide toothed comb gently to untangle your knots. It’ll avoid the hair breakage and will keep you away from the pain of getting your hair stuck in that brush you use every morning.

3. Tying your hair tightly in a pony

To get a cleaner look, we all tend to tie our hair tightly in a pony and we need to stop it right away. It not only increases hair breakage but it also makes your hair rough. Use soft hair ties to avoid these problems. After all, everyone wants healthy hair.

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4.  Brushing your hair

Every Time you brush your hair, never start from your roots and then to the tips, instead start from the tips and work your way up.