Bad Skin? Frizzy Hair? Your *Pillow* Could Be The Reason... | POPxo
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Home > Beauty > Hair Care
Bad Skin? Frizzy Hair? Your *Pillow* Could Be The Reason...

Bad Skin? Frizzy Hair? Your *Pillow* Could Be The Reason...

We all read countless articles about products and home remedies that make our hair and skin gorgeous and healthy. On the contrary, we also read about the many things that damage both like harmful sunrays, chemicals in products… the list is endless. But did you know that even your pillow is coming in the way of long, beautiful locks and flawless skin? Read on to find out more…


Dirty Drama

pillow is ruining your skin The Mr. fluffy you rest your face on, is dirtier than you can imagine. Our skin secretes all kinds of oil and dirt in our sleep, which gets soaked up by our cotton pillowcases. Sleeping on these pillows night after night can cause all that buildup to clog our pores on our face, shoulder and back that leads to acne. Also read: 3 Things You Do While Sleeping That Are Ruining Your Skin!

Miss The Moisture

As our face rubs against the pillow, it is robbed of all its moisture and natural oils that are needed in the right amounts for a healthy, glowing skin. The material of the pillow constantly touches our skin, causes friction and strips off the essential moisture, leaving it dry.

Wrinkle Much

pillow is ruining your skin Pressing our face against a pillow squeezes and stretches our skin in ways that cause it to becoming wrinkly faster. As the skin folds onto the pillow when we sleep face down, the collagen breaks down and the skin loses its elasticity. Hello, wrinkled skin! Now that really is a nightmare!
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Allergies Galore

Sometimes the detergent we use to wash our pillowcases is too harsh on the skin. Therefore, being in contact with even a washed pillowcase can harm us because the remnants of the detergent tend to irritate the skin and damage it in more ways than one and cause redness, breakouts and rashes.


Dry Spell

pillow is ruining your skin Sleeping on a pillow means your hair is pressed against it all through the night. This causes the hair to dry, leaving it parched without the natural oils that keep it moist and lustrous. Also read: 9 Simple (But Amazing) Tips To Make Your Hair Grow… Faster!

Breakage Alert

The friction between your hair and the pillow causes strands to weaken and break. If you’ve been wondering what’s causing your hair fall, your pillow could be to blame.

Miss Frizz

pillow is ruining your skin All that friction caused between your strands and the pillow as you toss and turn night after night also causes frizz. Who knew your fav pillow was to blame for your most annoying mane problem?!
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Ever wondered how your strands get knotted so easily? Not only does the friction cause breaking of the hair, it also tangles up your hair and makes it unmanageable. Brushing your hair too much and haphazardly damages the roots, and eventually leaves you with even more hair fall.

So What’s The Solution To All These Pillow Threats?

The ideal escape for those who cannot slip into sweet slumber without a comfy pillow is to switch to satin or soft cotton pillowcases. The soft fabric is gentle on the skin and hair, keeps the moisture intact, causes no breakage or damage, and is no threat to your beauty, ladies! Also, always always make it a point to tie your hair back into a loose bun or braid at night to avoid all the risks mentioned above while you sleep. After all, you want to get the most out of your beauty sleep! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Apr 14, 2016
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