#MyStory: What I Learnt About Myself When He Broke My Heart

#MyStory: What I Learnt About Myself When He Broke My Heart
I have often read that at times something bad might lead to something good, and it seemed all bookish and too idealistic for the real life, until now. An experience I had recently,changed my mind and made me believe that it indeed was true.

I went through a terrible breakup; my boyfriend cheated on me because I refused to sleep with him. I was not ready to take that step and didn’t agree when he suggested it.The day I found out the truth, my world came crashing down; I felt insulted and hurt. I couldn’t stop crying for days. The most difficult part was to accept the fact that a guy whom I loved so much did such a horrible thing and shattered my heart. I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that we were no longer together, that he had slept with another girl.

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I was serious about him and I guess I wanted to hold on to every last bit of hope that things will work out. I have seen many people around me go through the ordeal of having to break up a relationship they thought was their happily ever after; but it all seemed like a distant possibility to me as far as my relationship was concerned.I always thought I wouldn’t have to face a heartbreak; foolish me.

Acceptance came the hard way and it taught me so much about myself. Sometimes, it takes a shock such as a heartbreak to shake us up and make us see we are worth so much more than what we're settling for.

what I learned from the heartbreak

Nothing can justify infidelity in a relationship; being cheated on is the worst thing and the best you can do is acknowledge what has happened. It is always difficult to accept that the person who promised you so much love and happiness is the one who broke your heart. Living in denial makes things worse because to get over the past you first have to accept it. No amount of thinking or analysing will change what happened, neither you nor he can erase it. If a man wants to be with you, he will make it clear through his actions. There will be no confusion, mixed signals or dishonesty.

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If there is a person in your life who repeatedly hurts you, doesn’t respect you or is the reason for your sadness and pain, it is time to let the person go. It is very important that you set standards in terms of the people you allow in your life.

I am stronger than I thought I was, and I definitely deserve someone better, someone who loves and respects me for who I am and who is willing to stand by me through thick and thin.I now know how horrible breakups are but it taught me that at times you have to go through hell to realise your worth and what you deserve.

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