#MyStory: I Made Out With Him In A Moving Bus. And Then...

#MyStory: I Made Out With Him In A Moving Bus. And Then...
Rohit and I have been in a long-distance relationship for three years now. Our families know each other really well, we are from the same village, and we meet whenever I visit India with my family. It was during one such visit that we started dating.

This December, while my family was heading back to Delhi, to catch our flight, from our village, Rohit also travelled with us. It is an overnight journey, so we took an AC sleeper bus which have berths with sliding doors and curtains.

I was sharing one of the top berths with my aunt and my sister. While Rohit was in the top berth right across ours. After both my aunt and sister were asleep, I leaned out of my berth and knocked on my mum’s berth but she didn’t respond.

After being assured that everyone was fast asleep I knocked on Rohit’s berth. He opened the sliding door and asked, “What?”

I whispered, “Everyone is asleep”.

He looked a bit confused but then he got what I was suggesting. So, I quietly sneaked into his berth from mine; it was not an easy task - the bus was moving at a speed of 80km per hour. I even hit my leg on the edge of the berth. I kind of fell on top of my boyfriend, there was some noise while I was doing this acrobat but nobody woke up.

made out in a moving bus

We drew the curtain, closed the door and started laughing. We lay there together and talked; I was a bit sad as I was leaving and I wouldn’t see him for a long time.

Then things went beyond talking; we started kissing. The kiss was very different; it was rough and passionate. We got totally engrossed in kissing and then he started exploring my body with his hands and I got turned on. He slowly started unbuttoning my blouse. Everything was going just so fast! He began kissing my neck and slowly moved down my body. I unfastened his belt and tried giving him a handjob but it was not easy because we was lying on top of me. So we switched positions and our make out session continued. There were some 40 other people sleeping in the bus, and the berth was not that spacious so we were a little scared to move around too much, what if the noises coming from our berth woke up someone.

Still, I thought we would go all the way… sex in a moving bus, it would be my first! But it didn’t happen. I heard voices from the cabin below us, “Oh God! Our noise did wake someone”, I thought. So we decided to stop. Before someone caught us in a compromising situation.

I quickly put on my bra and shirt and pulled up my jeans. He straightened himself up too. I looked at him, he was buttoning his shirt, I so didn’t want to leave him. I just couldn’t stop gawking at his amazingly athletic body and his flawless muscles. He noticed me looking at him and said, “Okay, go now”. I still didn’t budge, so he kissed me.

I quickly opened our berth’s door and then of the one across us. There was only a small space between them and I somehow climbed onto my berth but almost sat on my aunt's legs. He started laughing seeing me try to adjust myself on the berth. My aunt and sister were sleeping in such a weird manner that I didn’t know how to get on without stepping on them. I slowly moved my sister's legs and sat in a tiny space there. It was so funny and we couldn’t stop laughing.

While we thought that we have managed to not get caught I did not notice that he had left a hickey on my lower neckline. It came to my notice when my mom noticed in the next morning… yes my mom!

She asked me, “What’s that?”. My aunt also looked at it and just said, “Must be some rash”. She knew very well what it exactly was, she was trying to protect me. My guess is even my mum knew what it was. I was so scared … Mum had a rather disappointed look on her face. I just said, “ I don’t know, I am getting rashes lately”. I used a scarf to cover the mark for a couple of days. She never mentioned this again. I have always had the feeling that my mom knew about Rohit and me but just didn’t say anything about it.

This happened some three months back and I can’t wait to go and do something crazy and exciting like this again!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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