#MyStory: A Tiny Bet Led To An Epic Love Story!

#MyStory: A Tiny Bet Led To An Epic Love Story!
I had often heard and read about soulmates, but never actually believed in the concept. Little did I know that life had a sweet surprise in store for me.

Vikas and I started as friends; we met on Facebook and then gradually went on to become very good friends. Somehow, he always understood me and accepted me for what I am, and I felt very comfortable with him.

took me by surprise

However, our friendship took a different turn after a year and I still remember that fateful evening when things changed. We were at our favourite restaurant and there was a cricket match going on between India and Pakistan. We were not much into cricket, but then it was no ordinary match, India was playing against Pakistan - and no Indian, whatever their level of interest in the sport, will miss a match between these two countries. The restaurant was showing the match on a huge screen and the place was packed with people.

Vikas was really into the match and just to irritate him I said, “I am cheering for Pakistan today.” You had to see the look on his face when he heard me say that. He pretended to be angry with me, but I knew he was just playing along. The match got really interesting and we both got engrossed in it. To make it more interesting, we decided to make a bet. If Pakistan won the match, then he would have to fulfil my wish, and if India won, I would have to fulfill his wish.


To my chagrin, Pakistan lost the match. The moment India won, Vikas looked at me and he had a mischievous smile on his face. I could see how happy he was — not just because India had won the match but also because he’d won the bet. And while I was actually happy that my country had won, I was bit nervous as to what he would ask me to do.

He said, “I am going to ask you a question and I wish that you’d say yes.”

It was a moment of excitement and nervousness for me when he asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

I was so surprised to hear that - and I didn’t have an answer. I stood there speechless while he kept waiting for me to reply.

After a few seconds I got over the initial shock and said, “Yes.”

I wasn’t sure if I truly meant it or I just said that to make him happy. I guess he knew me better because he then said, “I know you are not in love with me the way I am in love with you, but I promise you I will make you fall for me.”

It’s been three years since that incident and all I have to say is that he did keep his promise. I am head over heels in love with him. Even though we are in a long distance relationship now, the love we have for each other keeps us going. And you can’t even imagine the excitement and chemistry that’s between us when we meet!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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