7 Reasons Sex With A Long Term Boyfriend Is SO Amazing!

7 Reasons Sex With A Long Term Boyfriend Is SO Amazing!
Sure, meeting someone new and having a fling is exciting, fun and awesome. But you know what can prove to be even more exciting? Having sex with someone you’ve been with for a long time! Yes, it's true. Having sex with someone you share a deep connection and bond with can be fulfilling in ways few other things are. Here are some reasons having sex with your long term boyfriend is absolutely awesome!

1. You lose all inhibitions (Well, most of them anyway!)

You’re no longer thinking about whether you should or should not make some noise, or get very conscious about what he’s going to think about your “moves” in bed! You know he loves you for who you are - so no problem!

2. You feel more open to experimenting!

Goes without saying. The longer you’ve known or been with someone, the more comfortable and accustomed you get to each other. Experimenting in bed doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when it’s with the person you’re so comfortable around. In fact, it only helps in keeping things fun!

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3. There are no “awkward” moments!

Because things you used to find awkward or situations that used to embarrass you have now just become funny! And the two of you can laugh about that stuff together.

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4. It’s not something you feel the need to do

You don’t feel the need to have sex just to please your partner or keep things going. You do it because it makes you feel happy and because it helps you feel a stronger connection with the person you love. And, of course, it feels good! #WinWin

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5. You know exactly what you each really like!

You’re used to each other’s bodies and know what makes the other really feel good! Hmm, what does that mean? More orgasms, we think!

6. It helps keep things hot!

When you’ve been with someone for a while, you can sometimes get too comfortable - almost to the extent of not really making much of an effort with each other. Sex, in a long term relationship, helps keeping things hot and sexy! After all, one should never stop making an effort with their partner, right? In bed or in life!

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7. Honestly, it just feels like love!

Perhaps because it is. Sex with someone you’ve been with for so long - and care for and love so deeply - is a physical act, yes, but one that translates into an emotional connect. It allows you to see each other in your true and vulnerable states - and there is just something beautiful about that!

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