#MyStory: How I Surprised My Long Distance Boyfriend!

#MyStory: How I Surprised My Long Distance Boyfriend!
Like many girls, I have always dreamt of a fairytale love story and the possibility of it happening appeared on the horizon when I met Pratham during my junior year in college. It’s been five years now that we have been in a relationship.

Pratham’s loving, affectionate nature made me fall in love in with him. After we had been together for three years he decided to pursue post-graduation. As a part of his course, he had to go to Dubai with his classmates. It was the first time he would be so far away from me with people I didn’t know.

While I respected his decision to go, as it was for a better future, some insecurity started brewing in my mind. I had felt so for the first time in our relationship. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about. And the day left for Dubai I behaved like a silly child and cried a lot.

Days passed, he was having a great time with his new set of friends. A fear crept into my mind that he might just forget about me.I grew anxious every day and started missing him more. Whenever we would talk on the phone he would say, “I wish you would just appear in front of me like a Genie!” I would reply, “I wish I could come!”

surprise him

One night after our phone call was over, I thought of surprising him. I got in touch with our common friend in Dubai, Pratham had planned to spend the weekend at his place and so we planned a surprise for him and my sister helped me as well. When I told my bestie about the plan, she proclaimed that I was plain crazy to miss him so much within 15 days of being in a long distance relationship with him.

I booked the tickets and boarded my flight to Dubai with my sister. All through the flight I was excited beyond words; the mixture of joy, excitement and anxiety was making me behave like a teenager in love.

Pratham had absolutely no idea about my visit. As soon as we reached Dubai airport, we collected our bags and rushed to my friend's apartment. I rang the doorbell and heard Pratham’s voice asking," Who is it?"

I didn't reply and as he opened the door I just screamed, “SURPRISE!!!!!”  He was totally surprised and he also started screaming out of sheer joy. All the effort I had put in was totally worth the look on his face when he saw me standing at the door.

At that very moment, all my anxiety and fear just disappeared. We then headed for a desert safari ride followed by clubbing at an amazing place. Amidst the dancing crowd, Pratham pulled me close and hugged me tight. It was my PERFECT fairytale moment. Till today he keeps telling me that was the best surprise he ever got till date! ;)

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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