8 Awkward Moments Every Girl Experiences With Her Boyfriend!

8 Awkward Moments Every Girl Experiences With Her Boyfriend!
Every couple has gone through an awkward phase at the beginning of their relationship. Not only were they conscious of their own actions initially, but they would also wonder what their partner would think about them. Gradually as time went by, the awkwardness faded away. If you’ve been there and done that - you will definitely relate to these 8 things that happen before you finally become comfortable with your boyfriend. Cheers to you, lovebirds!

1. That awkward moment when you bump into each other’s exes!

It used to be awkward before, but it doesn’t get to either of you anymore. You and your boyfriend have moved on from your pasts and have come a long way together. Right now, you’re the only person who matters to him and he’s the only one who matters to you.

awkward things that happen before getting serious

2. The first time you spoke about having a future together...

Remember the time when the two of you got goosebumps, while you spoke about having a ‘future’ together? You wanted to know if he felt the same way about you as you did about him -  and about your relationship. Whether he saw a future with you. Turns out - he always wanted to be with you!

3. When you got jealous about the ‘female attention’ he was getting

It’s only human to feel jealous. Don’t worry, we’ve all been down that road. The good part is that jealousy does fade away with time. This happens when your relationship grows and becomes stronger. At some point, he felt insecure about losing you too. It’s all natural. As long as the two of you are honest with each other, nothing can ever break your bond.

awkward things that happen before getting serious

4. The first time you meet his parents! *Yikes*

Every time you bumped into your boyfriend’s parents, it sent shivers down your spine. You often wondered whether they would accept and like you as a person. That was the time when your relationship had just started out, and not too many people knew about it! Now that it’s out in the open, his family suddenly feels like your own. The same goes with him and your family too!


5. The moment when the two of you first slept together...

Chemistry was evident, but during the first few times you slept with him, it felt sort of... Awkward. You were kind of conscious about how you were in bed - and were also always thinking about whether or not he was enjoying it as much as you were. Now it’s a completely different story. Both of you know exactly what to do, to turn the heat up. ;)

awkward things that happen before getting serious

6. When you first confronted him after a petty fight

You didn’t know how he would react, and he wasn’t sure what to say. However, both of you wanted one thing - each other. Now the two of you can share your thoughts and express your feelings freely. That’s because both of you are eager to clear the air and make up, after. You guys have come a really long way indeed!

7. When you used to put in effort to look your best. All the time!

There were days when you wouldn’t step out of the house without applying kajal. You wanted to look good for him and he in return, wanted you to be proud of him. Over time, the two of you started falling for each other’s personality and soul. You now can walk around the house with your loose pajamas and messy hair and he still thinks you’re hot!

awkward things that happen before getting serious

8. The first time you met his friends

Owing to how important your boyfriend’s friends are to him, you wanted them to accept you and include you into the ‘bro’ club. At first, it made you feel awkward - but after a while, it all fell into place. Now his friends are yours, and your friends are his. #BigWin

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